Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.210

These release notes relate to Dynatrace Managed specific changes. To learn about general Dynatrace changes included in this Dynatrace Managed release, see:

New features and enhancements


  • Dynatrace Managed now uses the more precise MaxMind GeoIP2 database instead of the MaxMind GeoLite2Dabase. You can find more details on the assignment of IP addresses to geo-locations on our help page: Detection of IP addresses, geolocations, and user agents
  • Dynatrace Managed is now also supported on CentOS 8.3 and Oracle Linux 8.3

Cluster Management Console

  • When providing a cluster support archive, you can now click Analyze support archive with Dynatrace button to automatically upload it to Mission Control instead of downloading it manually and uploading it to the Support JIRA service
  • Sign-in page customization
  • The group details page was redesigned to improve permissions management for a high number of environments and distributed permissions

Installation and upgrade

  • Metric and configuration storage database was updated to Cassandra 3.0.23 for improved resilience

Resolved issues

Cluster Managed (Build 1.210.97)

33 total resolved issues (1 critical issue, 1 vulnerability)

Component Resolved issues
ActiveGate 2 (1 vulnerability)
Cluster 23
Cluster Management Console 7 (1 critical)
Web & community 1


  • Vulnerability: Fixed self-XSS vulnerability in ActiveGate. (APM-272147)
  • Resolved a sporadic issue in ActiveGate processing that caused Kubernetes monitoring to stop capturing data. (APM-276892)


  • Improved Dynatrace Cluster memory usage. (APM-281983)
  • Improved reliability of "Visually complete" for delayed actions. (APM-274395)
  • Log metrics now correctly extract values from the last character of a log entry. (APM-274049)
  • Fixed occasional occurrence of technical difficulties page when selecting a private synthetic location row in geolocation performance analysis table. (APM-273267)
  • Fixed an error that sometimes occurred while saving changes to anomaly detection settings for service key requests. (APM-273123)
  • Restored display of "You can also ingest third-party synthetic data..." section in "Create synthetic monitor" wizard. (APM-277925)
  • Corrected documentation link in "Mobile app settings > Instrumentation settings" for "Session Replay on crashes". (APM-276379)
  • Improved download command for OneAgent and ActiveGate installer for Windows to work correctly out of the box on wider range of Windows family operating systems (explicitly defined to use TLS 1.2 security protocol). (APM-280820)
  • On "Deployment status > ActiveGates" page, renamed filtering option "With modules: Plugins" to "With modules: Extensions". (APM-275688)
  • External and opaque web request services created via service detection rules can now be filtered with "External services: Third party services" on the Services page. (APM-272879)
  • Name of key performance metric of monitored application is now displayed in 'Monitored applications' table on new opt-in pages for HTTP monitors and external monitors. (APM-271956)
  • RUM web applications REST API: monitorRequestPath is now automatically set for new web applications of type BROWSER_EXTENSION_INJECTED or MANUALLY_INJECTED. (APM-276910)
  • When filtering requests with an HTTP code filter in the UI (for example, multidimensional analysis, service overview), the result now matches what a metric with the same filter would show. (APM-273276)
  • Resolved issue with Oracle custom devices not being correlated to database services when the monitored database was registered with a high number of service names. (APM-278249)
  • The logic behind the "Some of your Kubernetes nodes are not fully monitored" message now takes only existing nodes into consideration, not all nodes that existed during the selected timeframe. (APM-275964)
  • To improve anonymization, IP numbers in client web service attachments are now masked according to the same settings applied to web request attachments. If masking is applied to an IP address, the last octet is set to 0 (example: `` is masked as ``). (APM-273262)
  • Fixed invalid configuration for AWS Lambda OneAgent instrumentation for serverless framework and AWS CloudFormation configuration types. (APM-277799)
  • Improved handling of custom applications using the public REST API for mobile. (APM-273380)
  • Fixed an issue in which the CSV-response in the metrics API would return a timestamp instead of the proper date and time format. (APM-279768)
  • Refreshing an SLA report no longer leads to duplicate entries in the date dropdowns. (APM-274266)
  • Fixed issue that resulted in technical difficulties page when a `Network zone` filter was set on the Hosts table and then `Pin to dashboard` was selected. (APM-271778)
  • Updated documentation in config API for mobile session properties and mobile user action properties for POST and PUT endpoints. (APM-275986)
  • Resolved issue causing page crash when Others group on host details page, Events card, is selected. (APM-279370)

Cluster Management Console

  • Resolved issue in which cluster admins had no access to Session Replay in environments. (APM-278553)
  • Critical issue: Resolved issue in which scripts for reconfiguration and installer launch were not restored to original version during rollback after a failed upgrade/reconfiguration. (APM-277768)
  • Improved password policy hint formatting on set/change password pages. (APM-272483)
  • Fixed issue with storing certificate using SSL Certificate in Cluster API when certificateChainEncoded is not set (NullPointerException resolved). (APM-277398)
  • Resolved issue in which sign-in attempts while signing out of all other sessions failed intermittently. (APM-272520)
  • Fixed possible problem with sending cluster notification emails when there are admin users with missing email addresses. (APM-275588)
  • Resolved issue causing audit log in CMC to be flooded by irrelevant Deleted Config entries. (APM-269791)

Web & community

  • Improved reliability of creating custom application metrics filtered by numeric properties (fixes null pointer exception). (APM-276416)

Update 99 (1.210.99)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.210 release.

2 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Cluster 1
Cluster Management Console 1


  • Notification of reaching DDU pool limit is now displayed. (APM-280622)

Cluster Management Console

  • Improved load time for "Deployment status > ActiveGates" page in CMC. (APM-282741)