Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.208

These release notes relate to Dynatrace Managed specific changes. To learn about general Dynatrace changes included in this Dynatrace Managed release, see:

New features and enhancements


Dynatrace Managed is now also supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3

Cluster Management Console

You can now add users via UI or REST API additionally in LDAP or SSO mode in order to pre-configure their permissions before they sing-in first time.

Delivered product ideas

RFE: Dynatrace Managed - Create users with LDAP Integration active

Resolved issues

Cluster Managed (Build 1.208.94)

81 total resolved issues (1 critical issue)

Component Resolved issues
ActiveGate 1
User Interface 5
Autonomous Cloud 2
Cluster 46
Cluster Management Console 15 (1 critical)
Infrastructure 4
Installer and Upgrade 2
JavaScript 1
Log Monitoring 1
OS agent 1
Synthetic monitoring 2
User Assistance 1


  • Fixed Kubernetes monitoring to allow multiple (identical) Kubernetes endpoint configurations in a multi-tenant ActiveGate. (APM-267645)

User Interface

  • Resolved issue with loading suggestions when editing filters on User Sessions and User Details pages. (APM-269461)
  • User infographic information is now displayed faster on User Details page. (APM-270081)
  • Resolved JavaScript loading issues on several pages on Firefox. (APM-264498)
  • Information on extended users in the user details page of `User sessions` is refreshed when the global timeframe is changed. (APM-269445)
  • Improved consistency of extended user data on the new User Details page. (APM-270078)

Autonomous Cloud

  • Correct message now displayed for 403 error during fastcheck. (APM-270604)
  • Fixed issue in resolving top most controller for Kubernetes controllers. (APM-268560)


  • Improved RUM correlation. (APM-268246)
  • Resolved Dynatrace Hub issue resulting in "Technology details not yet available." and "Some capabilities are not available" messages. (APM-268687)
  • Improved detection of resource types in the waterfall analysis. (APM-264756)
  • Public dashboards now refresh correctly after management zone setting is changed. They also now correctly state "All" instead of "No permissions" when shared without a specific management zone. (APM-266421)
  • Resolved issue in which Kubernetes info message indicating unmonitored Kubernetes nodes was not shown for timeframes shorter than 15 minutes. (APM-265451)
  • Improved RUM correlation. (APM-268963)
  • Unavailable hosts with problem now also display problem indicator on hosts list. (APM-268003)
  • Fixed root cause analysis for maintenance window evidence. (APM-268004)
  • Web Application REST API GET now returns correct JSON that can be used as input for PUT request. (APM-267529)
  • Unallowed aggregations for mobile session properties are no longer exposed via REST API. (APM-270210)
  • Resolved issue causing request naming page to become unresponsive. (APM-276211)
  • The Problems tile now correctly shows the total count when a management zone is selected. (APM-270962)
  • Clarified error message in case of sending incorrect metric selector to REST API. (APM-264260)
  • On Kubernetes cluster details page, `Cluster utilization` now correctly hides data not permitted for user's management zones. (APM-273220)
  • Fixed an issue that caused browser monitor outage problems to be generated after the end of a maintenance window even if browser monitor executions after the maintenance window were successful. (APM-269894)
  • Fixed issue with custom alerts for built-in metric `other.crashAffectedUsersRate.os`. (APM-268968)
  • Resolved issue leading to error screen when using browser back from Dynatrace Hub tile details. (APM-259977)
  • It is now possible to filter for Kubernetes labels that consist of a key without a value. (APM-263424)
  • Dynatrace Hub technology tiles are now more responsive to resizing. (APM-262901)
  • Improved consistency of Dynatrace Hub desktop and mobile versions. (APM-268610)
  • Fixed an issue in which the Save button was not displayed when editing a regex condition within tagging and management zone configuration. (APM-264445)
  • Resolved potential drop of processed sessions during upgrade to version 206. (APM-271158)
  • Corrected billing for edge case when a user action is active at the same time the hourly use session billing is processed. (APM-267252)
  • For synthetic private locations in user session data, the city name displayed is now the customized location name instead of the internal name. (APM-269732)
  • Performance improvement in actions involving backups (for example, following cluster upgrades and starting new nodes). (APM-269978)
  • Resolved issue in which string literals in metric selectors without quotes were not parsed properly if they contained the character sequence (example: `Host ~(name)`). (APM-273271)
  • Fixed issues with POST/DELETE requests in KeyUserAction REST API endpoint for WebApplications. (APM-272804)
  • Waterfall analysis, View user session button, now correctly displays Session Details page. (APM-270886)
  • Fixed issue with package uploads timing out after 2 minutes on slow connections. (APM-264383)
  • Resolved issue that resulted in `Timeseries/Metrics query without entity filter from caller` warning. (APM-269253)
  • Public REST API endpoint for mobile session properties and user action properties properties shows user action properties in a separate array. (APM-271537)
  • Resolved an issue in which next-page-key header was omitted from the CSV response of the metric descriptors endpoint. Reduced the maximum page size for the metric descriptor endpoint to 500. (APM-268407)
  • Fixed issue in which creating new update job via REST API for ActiveGate was not possible (displayed error message: "AutoUpdate settings of ActiveGate doesn't allow to modify update job. Settings can't be inherited and autoUpdate must be disabled."). (APM-264533)
  • Improved efficiency of retrieving large updates to visits (user sessions). (APM-268475)
  • Recreating a previously deleted request attribute now correctly displays the request attribute in the configuration UI. (APM-266514)
  • Propagated service tag sources of a request naming rule without manually defined tag context are set to CONTEXTLESS by default. (APM-265006)
  • Dynatrace memory usage improved. (APM-273612)
  • Fixed an issue when specifying an empty "type" for a custom-device within entity api v1 and v2. (APM-266036)
  • Fixed a UI issue in entity screens where maintenance window with management zone filter would never match. (APM-266567)
  • Updated UI text to better describe how the preview feature works. (APM-268841)
  • Process group related tags are now available in the configuration UI request attribute tag selector. (APM-267307)
  • Added an improvement that helps to avoid out-of-memory situations during startup. (APM-265896)
  • Host details page is no longer missing events from Events API. (APM-268119)
  • OneAgent installation screens for Windows, Linux, and AIX no longer crash for users with permission to read configuration set only in management zone (not in whole environment). (APM-269232)
  • Fixed sorting by metrics values in instance table on Supporting Service page. (APM-270866)
  • Added the recent DOM element to the Visually Complete waterfall finding. (APM-267703)

Cluster Management Console

  • Improved verification of storage location on the `Configure backup` page. (APM-271326)
  • Critical issue: Solved problem with certificate refresh when domain name and SSL certificates management is turned on. (APM-271690)
  • Fixed problem with running installer on machine with read-only default TMPDIR directory. (APM-269660)
  • Resolved issue in which "You've used up all of your overage DEM units" message was prematurely displayed. (APM-265069)
  • Resolved issue that prevented Cassandra backup when a node with a failed backup was removed from the cluster. (APM-271573)
  • Internal diagnostics to migrate owners have lost vault ownership. (APM-266173)
  • The storage truncation message on the environment details page now specifies the reason for truncation and displays the correct truncation amount. (APM-267363)
  • When exporting license consumption data, you can no longer end the time range in the last 2 hours, when the data is not yet prepared for download. (APM-264528)
  • Resolved Active Directory integration issues: (1) group was assigned to user even though this group did not comply with configured group filter, and (2) groups with backslash in LDAP group name were assigned to users even though they were shown as non-existing in LDAP. (APM-230073)
  • Fixed discrepancy in `OneAgent Address` property between nodes table and node details view. (APM-269527)
  • Resolved issue in which dashboard crashed when a key user actions tile was created for mobile apps. (APM-274965)
  • Error messaging corrected for setup failure (initial setup failure would show a result if the creation of an environment failed). (APM-271736)
  • Removed `automaticAssignment` field from Cluster API /userRepository/ldap/queryGroups call. (APM-256661)
  • Improved "Forgot password" message. (APM-271754)
  • Resolved issue with displaying SSL certificate info on the node details page and updating SSL certificate using Dynatrace web UI when the SSL certificate issuer does not contain the Common Name (CN). (APM-275466)


  • Resolved issue in which Amazon ECS Container Insights AWS supporting services configuration created conflicting IDs, which resulted in AWS supporting services metrics not being displayed in Dynatrace web UI. (APM-275103)
  • Fixed issue with abnormal events not triggering problems when frequent issue detection is enabled. (APM-269995)
  • Fixed misconfigured charts on the "Further details" view for AWS Kafka (MSK) supporting service. (APM-265251)
  • Fixed an issue with parsing of connectivity history properties file. ActiveGate no longer refuses to start if the file is malformed. (APM-264671)

Installer and Upgrade

  • Improved messaging concerning schedule and status of backups. (APM-267559)
  • Updated misleading error message that was displayed when the IP of a newly added node is already present in the cluster. (APM-267626)


  • Fixed an issue where visually complete would show different values for synthetic and RUM. (ONE-50825)

Log Monitoring

  • Reduced verbosity of log analysis to avoid overflowing server logs. (APM-270364)

OS agent

  • Fixed incorrect grouping of some Citrix Xen processes as Citrix VDA. (ONE-50287)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Resolved issue in which message passed to api.fail(...) method in pre/post script in HTTP monitor was not visible on the details page. (APM-273197)
  • Resolved page layout issue in synthetic monitor wizard in which buttons overlaid other UI elements. (APM-269448)

User Assistance

  • User session list now properly considers management zones for synthetic tests. (APM-271144)

Update 107 (1.208.107)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.208 release.

4 total resolved issues (1 critical issue)

Component Resolved issues
cloud automation solution 1 (1 critical)
cluster 2
Cluster Management Console 1

cloud automation solution

  • Critical issue: Resolved CPU saturation issue on Cassandra nodes related to costly management zone permission check for SLOs. (APM-277829)


  • Calculated service metrics using Double data type request attribute again correctly record data. (APM-277385)
  • Dynatrace memory usage improved. (APM-273612)

Cluster Management Console

  • Resolved issue in which user sessions were not taken into account for monthly/annual environment quota calculation. (APM-275865)

Update 111 (1.208.111)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.208 release.


  • Critical issue: Fixed a serialization issue causing data to not display in the UI and queries to return empty results. (APM-278054)

Update 114 (1.208.114)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.208 release.


  • Improved performance of pages that list monitored hosts. (APM-278111)
  • Critical issue: Fixed a serialization issue causing data to not display in the UI and queries to return empty results. (APM-278054)