Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.206

These release notes relate to Dynatrace Managed specific changes. To learn about general Dynatrace changes included in this Dynatrace Managed release, see:

New features and enhancements

Cluster Management Console

  • Enteprise password complexity rules configuration for internal user accounts. For more information, see Password complexity rules.
  • Hosts exclusion configuration for Internet proxy. For more information, see Can I use a proxy for internet access?
  • Export of license consumption data is now available from the Licensing page. This allows you to gain insights into hourly license usage for each environment. For more information, see Export licensing data .

Installation and upgrade

  • TLS_RSA_WITH_CAMELLIA_256_CBC_SHA256 cipher was considered as weak running TLS 1.0, SSL 3.0 or older. Therefore, it was removed from the default list of supported ciphers for new installations
  • Trusted certificate for HTTPS proxy configured during installation is now also used for self-monitoring OneAgent

Delivered product ideas

Resolved issues

Cluster Managed (Build 1.206.99)

59 total resolved issues (2 critical issues)

Component Resolved issues
ACE solution 1
User Interface 1
Apache 1
Cluster 40
Cluster Management Console 7 (2 critical)
Installer and Upgrade 1
Session Replay 1
Synthetic monitoring 2
User Assistance 4

ACE solution

  • Fixing token scope of SLO public & internal API. (APM-268023)

User Interface

  • Added icons for Chrome Mobile, Android-based browsers, and no browser. (APM-260192)


  • Long-running backend service calls (lasting over 30 seconds) from Apache and Nginx are now properly correlated. (ONE-48914)


  • Resolved issue with missing "Generic frontend" page. (APM-260540)
  • Hub search box can now be cleared with an X button. (APM-260191)
  • In Explorer, when the aggregation `Count` is selected, the unit for values is now changed to count consistently. (APM-258082)
  • Resolved issues with Dynatrace Hub display and onscreen text. (APM-261831)
  • Clarified onscreen explanation for when Dynatrace Hub unable to synchronize all capabilities from online repository. (APM-261915)
  • Fixed an issue with missing entities when creating a new manual tag. (APM-259623)
  • Resolved issue in which "Davis data units overview" for metrics by entity could show excessive consumption for data written with Dynatrace SaaS version 1.205. (APM-266123)
  • On Dynatrace Hub, improved gallery slider behavior. (APM-261006)
  • Increased Dynatrace Hub tile height to match tiles on public website. (APM-260067)
  • Improved RUM beacon checksum handling. (APM-263053)
  • Fixed broken link for downloading OneAgent installer for Linux PowerPC. (APM-260780)
  • Resolved issue with placement of "x" clear button for search field on pages such as "Cloud and container platforms", "Digital Experience Monitoring", and "More insights across your entire IT landscape". (APM-260533)
  • Resolved issue in which defining visually complete options in a browser monitor script could lead to a technical difficulties page when switching to the advanced setup tab. (APM-262288)
  • Hub survey tile spacing from top now consistent across all pages. (APM-260189)
  • Fixed issue that caused conditional names to remain on an entity for an extended period after deleting a naming rule. (APM-263449)
  • Provided workaround in response to issue that resulted in dashboard weekly reports not being sent to subscribers in Dynatrace Managed. (APM-265677)
  • Hub "Activate" links now open intended pages. (APM-260059)
  • Browser monitor events table now shows correct user action type of contributing actions of a synthetic event. (APM-258674)
  • Pod resources are now aggregated to namespace level only for running and pending pods. (APM-261504)
  • Fixed navigation issue with "User sessions" example sessions page. (APM-264765)
  • Fixed link to VM details page from monitoring candidates list. (APM-258889)
  • Improved handling for Explorer dashboard tiles containing deleted metrics (APM-263549)
  • Hub listing pages no longer show an error page when navigating in offline data; they will show an empty state when opening an unsupported category. (APM-262894)
  • Metric "Successful request count as seen by caller" now correctly books values for calls without an error detection result attached (i.e., successful calls). (APM-262270)
  • Fixed an issue in which dashboard tiles of webservices showed incorrectly aggregated values. (APM-267241)
  • The list of Azure subscriptions now shows only subscriptions that have entities within the management zones that the user can access. (APM-257350)
  • Fixed issue that could cause Extension Execution Controller and Local PIPE/HTTP metric API to become disabled while still showing as enabled. (APM-265627)
  • Fixed an issue in which loading problems via API v1 took too long. (APM-263314)
  • Hub "Activate" links now open intended pages. (APM-260134)
  • Resolved issue in which a specially crafted LIKE query expression times out and causes high CPU on the Dynatrace Server. (APM-260131)
  • Hub image selector no longer shown when only one image to display. (APM-260196)
  • Fixed issue in which duplicate XHR requests were shown in the waterfall of browser monitors under certain circumstances. (APM-261692)
  • Service backtrace is now part of the database and opaque service's drilldown offered in the multidimensional analysis context menus. (APM-264361)
  • Improved stability of Explorer dashboard tile. (APM-263836)
  • Improved third-party provider list. (APM-262029)
  • Fixed issue with wrong results in user action naming preview. (APM-259889)
  • Custom charts for AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, EC2, and EBS metrics can now be properly filtered by management zone. (APM-262021)
  • Environments with large amounts of tags or request attributes no longer break the request naming and calculated service metrics configuration pages. (APM-261900)
  • Resolved excess performance overhead issue with Entity API v1. (APM-264263)
  • Edit button removed from network zone details page in Dynatrace Managed environments. (APM-257410)

Cluster Management Console

  • Critical issue: Verification of `nftables` firewall now also validates its configuration. (APM-268629)
  • Switching sign-on page on SSO configuration no longer changes user repository from 'LDAP' to 'Internal user database'. (APM-261549)
  • Confirmation dialog no longer hides a part of error message on the SMTP configuration page on smaller screens. (APM-257937)
  • Critical issue: Before each backup, the backup path is validated to avoid removing Dynatrace operational files. The backup path cannot be inside any important Dynatraces paths. (APM-267934)
  • Fixed invalid documentation link in "Dynatrace Managed update available" email. (APM-262348)
  • License consumption data archive can now be correctly signed and downloaded. (APM-266850)
  • Fixed an issue in which dashboard tiles of active external services showed no data. (APM-265683)


  • Setup of IAM Client fixed for SaaS deployment. (APM-261690)

Installer and Upgrade

  • Corrected issues with `cloud-automation` example command. (APM-264317)

Session Replay

  • Resolved issue in which SVG elements were not visible at replay despite being properly recorded. (APM-263734)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Synthetic calculated metric for "Resource count" is now successfully created; before, the 'Create metric' button sometimes was unresponsive. (APM-263712)
  • Resolved issue in which Adaptive Traffic Management info was sometimes not shown in synthetic waterfall. (APM-259560)

User Assistance

  • Resolved timeframe inconsistencies in UEM dashboard tiles. (APM-261663)
  • External Web Request services created via service detection rules now properly ensure the process group/host relationship. (APM-260366)
  • Key requests on the service details page are now also labelled with "Key request" when an (advanced) filter is set. (APM-262682)
  • Resolved issue in which the browser monitor outages report chart did not always display availability states correctly for the last hours of the report. (APM-261107)

Update 101 (1.206.101)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.206 release.

Cluster Management Console

  • Critical issue: Verification of `nftables` firewall now also validates its configuration. (APM-268629)

Update 104 (1.206.104)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.206 release.

Cluster Management Console

  • Fixed problem with running installer on machine with read-only default TMPDIR directory. (APM-269660)

Update 107 (1.206.107)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.206 release.

Cluster Management Console

  • Internal diagnostics to migrate owners have lost vault ownership. (APM-266173)