Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.200

New features and enhancements


  • The log files of all Dynatrace Managed services are now timestamped for the UTC time zone.

Cluster Management Console

  • Licenses for Premium High Availability and Mainframe monitoring on IBM z/OS are now displayed on the Licensing page.

Installation and updates

Dynatrace Managed is now also supported on:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.2
  • CentOS 8.2
  • Suse Enterprise Linux 15.2

For more information, see Dynatrace Managed system requirements.

Synthetic monitoring

Resolved issues

Cluster Managed (Build 1.200.6)

25 total resolved issues (1 vulnerability)


  • Vulnerability: Updated jackson-databind: to jackson-databind: in response to detected vulnerabilities. (APM-246322)

User Interface

  • Standardized the size of sunburst and radial charts in user session pages. (APM-248368)
  • Resolved issue in Session Replay when the button in the event list to replay a JS error was always disabled. It's now disabled only on lack of replay permissions. (APM-248898)
  • Two fixes have been delivered in this ticket: - Sessions can now be replayed from specific user actions on the Session details page - For user tags that contain a slash (/) character, users can navigate from the Session details page to the User details page by using breadcrumbs. (APM-247271)

Autonomous Cloud

  • Cloud Foundry and Azure buttons on Deploy Dynatrace page now open pages in new tabs. (APM-248520)


  • Fixed UI issue where some entities show normal events as frequent issues. (APM-250550)
  • Linked problems are no longer returned in the mobile problem feed. (APM-250451)
  • On CPU usage chart for Windows host, System and User metrics are no longer interchanged. (APM-249343)
  • Fixed issue in which Session Details event list error flag disappeared on screen resize. (APM-244098)
  • For AWS load balancers, more detailed information about the number of affected EC2s is now visualized. (APM-246341)
  • The calculated service metrics limit message is now improved to be more specific. (APM-245699)
  • Fixed problem in which some custom charts showed an error after deleting a management zone that was assigned to the dashboard. (APM-247524)
  • In a Dynatrace Managed deployment, it's now possible to have a representation of the environment UUID in the docker image name. This enables having images from multiple tenants on one machine without them overriding each other. Applies to all images that are pullable from our Docker repository implementation and is optional. (APM-249123)
  • Querying data points for a metric no longer fails when the metric key starts with a number. (APM-247077)
  • To prevent IllegalArgumentException, an additional checkpoint has been added to check relationship correctness. (APM-247143)
  • Improved alerting profile evaluation performance to avoid problem manager slowdown in case of too many open problems. (APM-248166)

Cluster Management Console

  • Notifications about reached quotas are now shown in red instead of yellow. (APM-247973)
  • Resolved problem in which the first sign-in attempt of the day sometimes timed out, even for the freshly loaded login form. (APM-249625)
  • Resolved issue with connecting to Dynatrace Mission Control via network proxy. (APM-250541)
  • When a tenant-only user types a CMC URL that doesn't exist, the default home screen is displayed. (APM-244920)
  • Cluster Management Console now shows version of nodes that are not running. (APM-246842)

Installer and Upgrade

  • Fixed problem with setting HTTPS proxy in prompted mode. (APM-248411)


  • Fixed Cloudflare property pack issues. (APM-249708)

User Interface

  • Resolved Dynatrace UI loading issue on iPhone and iPad when custom proxy is enabled. (APM-247598)
  • Fixed sharing links from new timeframe selector in India and other non-integer time zones, introduced in 198. (APM-250351)

Update 100 (1.200.100)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.200 release.

9 total resolved issues (1 critical issue)


  • Tags with colons can now be applied as filters on Deployment Status - OneAgents page. (APM-253257)
  • Dashboard settings "Default management zone" list no longer displays "(no permissions)" after turning off "Default management zone". (APM-251678)
  • Docker container plugin metrics no longer count towards Davis data unit (DDU) consumption. (APM-253282)
  • Fixed a bad request exception when drilling down from the problem details view to the memory allocation (APM-254364)

Cluster Management Console

  • Log analysis is now less verbose to avoid overflowing server logs in the case of a large number of runs. (APM-251618)
  • Critical issue: Fixed a problem related to losing custom certificates during upgrade (APM-251319)

Installer and Upgrade

  • Fix for Cassandra tables size calculation. The space calculator will be aware of newly excluded tables. (APM-251619)

Session Replay

  • Session Replay data fetch improved for sessions with a high amount of processing in the cluster. (APM-251725)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Resolved issue in which HTTP monitors with pre- or postscript defined. Script executions finishing with api.finish() method were incorrectly classified as unhealthy for problem generation. (APM-251508)