Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.196

New features and enhancements

Other improvements


  • Optimized OneAgent and ActiveGate installation package disk space utilization with automatic cleanup of unused ActiveGate packages and Synthetic modules.
  • SSL certificates and keys are now stored in break-line format.
  • Community invitation email content was updated to make it easier for users to get started.

Cluster Management Console

  • Chat can now also be launched from Deployment status pages.
  • Featured product news menu entries are now visible in the context of Deployment status pages.

Installation and upgrade

  • The JRE was updated to version 8u252 to take advantage of the latest security-vulnerability enhancements and bug fixes. All services will be automatically restarted during the upgrade.
  • Easier deployment of HTTPS proxy trusted certificate via --network-proxy-cert-file <path>. See installation command line parameter.

Resolved issues

Cluster Managed (Build 1.196.71)

52 total resolved issues (1 vulnerability)


  • Corrected reporting of Health Percentage metric. (APM-241680)

agent & sg

  • Fixed an issue where entities that have been inactive for more than 10 days took longer to be visible in the UI than usual. (APM-239297)
  • Splitting request attributes where the delimiter was not found now yields a list containing the input string instead of an empty list. (APM-236722)

User Interface

  • Data requests now correctly triggered per selected user when navigating back to User Details page. (APM-237972)
  • The Conversion aggregation component has been updated to also account for live sessions. (APM-239112)
  • Upon initial page load, the side-tab data and the sessions list table are correctly displayed. (APM-239906)


  • Fixed a link in the cloud application's custom alert. (APM-242664)
  • Fixed a possible data loss for Memory Profiling (APM-244576)
  • Custom chart timeseries tooltip now accurately displays the name of the entity. (APM-241252)
  • Improved detection of user agent from browser monitors. (APM-239950)
  • Visually complete and Nav timings values higher than 180 seconds are now ignored. (APM-238368)
  • List of sessions now correctly displayed for selected anonymous and non-anonymous users when navigating to User Detail page by clicking on the user tag in the Session Details page. (APM-235018)
  • Clarified error message for Dashboard API calls where tiles have a remote URI that is not yet configured. (APM-237060)
  • Managed: User-configured custom metrics environment limits are now correctly enforced. (APM-241490)
  • Fixed an issue of invalid problems not triggering notifications in some cases. (APM-241613)
  • "Exists" condition works correctly now for global request naming and calculated metrics. (APM-243385)
  • Charts created over the API with invalid entity ID filters now ignore those entities. (APM-237233)
  • Large method hotspots analysis now produces the correct results instead of showing no data at all. (APM-241110)
  • When a browser monitor custom metric is created with a duplicate metric key, the correct error message is displayed. (APM-240717)
  • Custom service restricted to process groups remains activated on non-allowed process groups until OneAgent is restarted. (APM-240354)
  • Resolved issue with user action times overlapping in corner cases. (APM-235477)
  • Improved handling of invalid Global Timeframe Selectors. (APM-237810)
  • You can now configure Kafka JMX extension alerts when the extension is not enabled globally. (APM-234679)
  • Time series of response times are now only booked if the call has no "duration repaired" flaw preventing incorrect MIN value of "0". (APM-241285)
  • Improved Unicode handling in RUM beacons. (APM-238156)
  • Improved Log Monitoring ingestion workflow. (APM-241427)
  • Fixed incorrect OpenAPI spec for gcePublicIpAddresses in Entity Rest API. (APM-238145)
  • When sorted by Used memory, EC2 instances are now ordered by the percentage of memory usage. (APM-239362)
  • Users without access to the environment but with access to the management zone now have proper access rights to deployment status screen. (APM-243022)
  • Fixed display of host/process names in log selection on Log metric edit screen. (APM-237963)

Cluster Management Console

  • Resolved problem in which sign-in failed on clusters with auto-logout enabled when time between login page load and sign-in attempt was too long. (APM-241083)
  • Fixed possible infinite loop when authenticating with OpenID Connect. (APM-241753)
  • "File not found" error no longer thrown when testing the backup location on a multi-mode setup. (APM-240967)
  • Scheduled auto-update notification is no longer displayed during an upgrade. (APM-217000)
  • The re-setting of data files permission is no longer performed during upgrade, which shortens the upgrade time, especially during complex stages. (APM-243175)
  • Resolved issue with signing in to a newly created environment in OpenLDAP with memberOf support. (APM-239018)
  • Fixed invalid username ("null null") in welcome to community email (APM-238581)
  • Clarified logging for ES node removal. (APM-239545)
  • Private location of Synthetic-only Cluster ActiveGates will no longer be incorrectly displayed as "Unassigned" on the ActiveGates overview page. (APM-239328)
  • Resolved issue in which OpenID Connect authenticated user experienced errors due to unnecessary ID token validation. (APM-243485)
  • Resolved issue that caused installation package upload to sometimes fail with 504 HTTP error code. (APM-225904)


  • The AWS Supporting Service instance screen doesn't display an error message when run with ActiveGate version 181. (APM-242195)
  • Key metrics for AWS Supporting Services are now displayed correctly (in infographics and in columns on the list of service instances). (APM-243353)

Installer and Upgrade

  • Resolved a problem with the Managed Cluster upgrade on an NFS share when upgrade of Elasticsearch and Cassandra is skipped. (APM-237921)
  • Fixed the exclusion of short time series tables from backup (APM-245167)

Mission Control

  • Log Analytics usage is now displayed correctly for customers with multi-year license (calculated based on quota/license length). (APM-242809)
  • Multi-year licenses had incorrectly calculated Log Analytics limits - total limit was always based on one year, but now it is based on all the years. (APM-237781)


  • Filtering user action properties via table entries works properly again. (APM-239039)
  • Increased validations when modifying dashboards via REST API. (APM-237101)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Improved detection of whether resource was cached. (APM-236958)

User Interface

  • Vulnerability: Users can no longer prolong the validness of invalid sessions. (APM-238113)
  • Fixed overflowing text in the user menu when the environment name is very long. (APM-236499)

Update 80 (1.196.80)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.196 release.


  • Critical issue: Users now receive all the Dynatrace Mobile App notifications on iOS (APM-246509)