Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.192

New features and enhancements

Other changes

  • Metric and configuration storage database was updated to Cassandra 3.0.20 for optimized data replication and resilience.
  • Problems displayed in the Dynatrace Mobile App are now filtered based on the management zones that the logged in user has permission to access.
  • The new ActiveGates overview page in CMC lists all deployed ActiveGates from all environments in a single view. The page is available from the navigation menu or the Cluster ActiveGate tile on the CMC home page.
  • UI labels and messages for User Session settings have been improved.
  • Cluster node unavailability during upgrades has been shortened by downloading self-monitoring OneAgent beforehand.
  • New Cluster events and email notifications are created when the metrics storage exceeds the 2TiB threshold.
  • A Cluster API link has been added to the User menu.
  • The last hour's user sessions have been changed to annual consumption on the Environments overview page. Additionally, last hour's user sessions and last hour's synthetic monitors were removed from the Environments page.

Delivered product ideas

  • For all Dynatrace users except a cluster admin, a license expiration counter is now first displayed 7 days before the license expiration. RFE: Disable the: "show license status to everybody"
  • The new ActiveGates overview page in Cluster Management Console lists all the deployed ActiveGates from all environments in a single view. The page is available from the navigation menu or the Cluster ActiveGate tile in Cluster Management Console. RFE: Show all ActiveGates in CMC

Resolved issues

Cluster Managed (Build 1.192.96)

65 total resolved issues (1 vulnerability)

Component Resolved issues
Cluster 39 (1 vulnerability)
Cluster Management Console 10
Installer and Upgrade 6
Mission Control 3
Session Replay 1
User Interface 3


  • The Enable placeholder switch is no longer disabled after adding a request naming rule. (APM-230006)
  • Resource timings are now correctly attached to load actions that have a duration of longer than 30 seconds. (APM-227109)
  • Autocompletion of invalid USQL queries has been improved. (APM-228566)
  • An issue in the preview-auto-tagging-rules of Cloud application and workload detection is now fixed. If you use the preview, please apply this fix by deleting the rule DT-ContainerBoundariesAffected and reapply the preview checkbox. (APM-235140)
  • Improved the audit log trail with VMWare & VMWare related event configuration. Also, redundant internal Delete operations have now been removed. (APM-228307)
  • GC-based ALR now uses different defaults in Java 8. (APM-234129)
  • Added support for data center resolution via user-configured IPs for PaaS hosts (application-only monitoring for PaaS). (APM-230618)
  • In a Session Replay, the link from a Rage Clicks message in the timeline bar is now functional. (APM-225317)
  • In Hosts list view, trailing and leading whitespaces displayed in the list filter fields now correctly correspond to whitespaces in actual search term. (APM-228107)
  • Added a validation check to verify the ID in the request body and URI parameters. (APM-227547)
  • Fixed an issue that caused invalid data in mobile session details in special cases for IOS. (APM-233738)
  • The Content-Encoding header in the OpenAPI specification that was causing Dynatrace API explorer to be blocked by some proxies has now been fixed. (APM-228628)
  • Get, Put, and Post are now functioning correctly in the local environment for BeaconDomainWhitelistRules. (APM-229075)
  • Multivalue filters on the Angular Deployment Status screen have now been fixed. (APM-230958)
  • Vulnerability: WebUI installation screens have been improved to reject the usage of tokens with more actions other than for installation purposes. (APM-227542)
  • Metric "CPU usage [%]" on container group instance level now returns correct values. (APM-236048)
  • Earlier, the standard version for new OneAgent installations could be set lower than the minimum required version, which would result in rejecting connections from newly installed hosts. With this fix, it is not allowed to set the standard version lower than the minimum required version. (APM-227785)
  • A bug that was causing delayed data for certain browser monitor executions is now fixed. (APM-230782)
  • Request header "authorization" is now masked correctly (GDPR and view permissions). (APM-232498)
  • With this fix, PurePaths don’t break when tracecontext is turned on. (APM-236083)
  • Metric events for metrics with a byte-based unit now show the correct unit scaling in UI, mobile app, and notification texts. (APM-229458)
  • Users will now be redirected to the Application Details page after selecting the Application name displayed on the Session Details page. (APM-226610)
  • The Named Request traffic no longer includes requests with the request attributes present. (APM-230268)
  • Fixed Network Overview achievement task in Deployment Achievements. (APM-230829)
  • The Custom device chart now correcty displays negative values, even when they appear consecutively. (APM-228744)
  • The Monitoring column now displays the correct state of the plugin configuration. (APM-229425)
  • Fixed the bug that caused the FDI2_USE_MEANS_FOR_SERVICE_RESPONSE_TIME_CHANGE_POINT_DETECTION feature flag to have no impact at runtime. (APM-226946)
  • Fixed discrepancies between the selected global timeframe and the timeframe on the Browser monitor details screen. (APM-231187)
  • All processes are now correctly charted in environments where more than 100K processes exist and charts aren’t filtered by management zone. (APM-235510)
  • USQL queries now run successfully when grouped on string-properties and sorted on count. (APM-229791)
  • You can now create a synthetic browser monitor custom metric using Event as a dimension. (APM-235156)
  • The default upper and lower limits for GC-based ALR have now been set to 4 and 5, respectively. (APM-233390)
  • Added escapeHTML to display valid URLs in the Report analyzer views of dashboards. (APM-229204)
  • Tab titles now correctly displayed for Session Details, Session List, and User Details. (APM-226343)
  • Fixed the loading timeout error that was occurring on the Session details page after the Try again button was clicked. (APM-226035)
  • In the Metric events settings screen, Preview chart and Suggested threshold now take dimension filters into account. (APM-226178)
  • Fixed region name lookup for private synthetic locations. (APM-227249)
  • When generating a custom chart for a configured service metric, the calculation and display are now correctly filtered for the specific service name. (APM-236042)
  • Added validation to Request Naming and Service Metric Rest API for required non-null values in conditions. (APM-231386)

Cluster Management Console

  • Fixed unexpected session terminations after the auto-logout feature was enabled. (APM-230086)
  • REST Cluster API operation PUT /clusterConfig/userSessions no longer fails in web interface due to invalid content type. (APM-232314)
  • Fixed the bug that displayed incorrect notifications about cluster nodes. (APM-227731)
  • REST API for assigning Management Zone permissions to user groups no longer use cache while validating the input. Management zones are now detected right after their creation, thereby allowing for better automation. (APM-225213)
  • When the initialization of CCR fails, a retry will be triggered after 5 minutes. (APM-228698)
  • Warning messages are now displayed in red to highlight the exhaustion of licensing quotas. (APM-229928)
  • An apostrophe (') is now allowed in the email address of new user accounts. (APM-227631)
  • Instructions for downloading a Cluster ActiveGate installation file for Linux systems now include the correct file name. (APM-227901)
  • Cluster ActiveGate update warnings are displayed as a single alert on the ActiveGate details page. (APM-228125)
  • HTTP 4/5xx response codes now correctly rely HTTP data instead of error detection results. (APM-228597)

Installer and Upgrade

  • Chkconfig command no longer changes the order of Dynatrace system services when init.d is used in operating system. (APM-231351)
  • Improved the script used to migrate a cluster from offline to online mode (APM-222482)
  • System Check now validates filesystem errors during the cluster upgrade. (APM-229289)
  • To avoid installer test failures during cluster restore procedures, the TokenIndex, SRResourceTimelinee, SRResource, and SRResourceIndex Cassandra tables are excluded from Managed backups. (APM-229951)
  • Disabled automatic update of OneAgents monitoring cluster nodes. OneAgents are now updated only during cluster upgrades. (APM-232927)
  • Backup prerequisite check now includes backup-space calculation. (APM-226606)

Mission Control

  • There are no discrepancies in the reporting environment consumption. (APM-226613)
  • License-related notification emails now contain precise information on the free and extra custom metrics limits. (APM-235121)
  • Consumption per environment is calculated correctly after converting to DEM consumption-based licenses. (APM-215048)


  • The Ignore JavaScript error switch on the Errors page now works correctly with management zones. (APM-230841)
  • Filtering is now more consistent across application screens. (APM-229734)
  • The user behavior dashboard tile now displays the count of active sessions (instead of the rate). (APM-231484)

Session Replay

  • Added null check for rare cases where visits are null. (APM-226280)

User Interface

  • Improved layout of some error pages for smaller screen sizes. (APM-227140)
  • Button styles have been applied correctly. (APM-228428)
  • Fixed the new Global Timeframe Selector resulting in an error when used before the UI was fully loaded. (APM-228067)

Update 107 (1.192.107)

2 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Cluster 1
Installer and Upgrade 1


  • Invalid metric condition input is no longer possible in the UI. (APM-237535)

Installer and Upgrade

  • Resolved a problem with the Managed Cluster upgrade on an NFS share when upgrade of Elasticsearch and Cassandra is skipped. (APM-237921)