Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.190

New features and enhancements

Other changes

  • New remote access settings.
  • Self-monitoring OneAgent is not uninstalled anymore when Dynatrace deployment health monitoring is turned off.
  • The JRE was updated to version 8u242 to take advantage of the latest security-vulnerability enhancements and bug fixes. Restart of all services is required during the upgrade.
  • The usability of the cluster backup settings page was improved by adding confirmation dialog.

Resolved issues

Cluster Managed (Build 1.190.108)

63 total resolved issues (2 critical issues)

Component Resolved issues
User Interface 1
Autonomous Cloud 3
Cluster 25 (2 critical)
Cluster Management Console 8
Code level analytics 3
Infrastructure 2
Installer and Upgrade 2
Log Monitoring 1
Mission Control 2
Session Replay 2
Synthetic monitoring 1
User Interface 8

User Interface

  • Session Replay message display improved for Edge browser. (APM-211956)

Autonomous Cloud

  • Fixed refreshing Kubernetes events card after timeframe change. (APM-229179)
  • Fixed metric display names for Kubernetes "Running pods" and "Desired pods". (APM-230572)
  • Fixed process group resolution for related cloud applications. (APM-230664)


  • On Host settings > Exclude network traffic, the Network interfaces list no longer displays duplicate names. (APM-225079)
  • Fixed problem in which Host settings, Monitored technologies table, did not list disabled technologies after navigating away from table and back again. (APM-225128)
  • Parsing of incorrect USQL queries has been improved. (APM-223031)
  • Fixed a problem with host disk rules in anomaly detection settings. Exception might have been displayed when a rule was saved while the form for adding a new rule was open at the same time. (APM-225367)
  • Fixed wrong class referencing that was caused by class name refactoring. (APM-228231)
  • Fixed Log Monitoring column parsing. Changing the data type no longer throws an internal error. (APM-216992)
  • The garbage collector time history for adaptive load reduction is now reset after the sampling rate is increased. (APM-230944)
  • Improved linking to subscribed dashboard via email to prevent authentication issue. (APM-228954)
  • Fixed issue with LogDiskBuffer startup service on ActiveGate. LogDiskBuffer will not start when directory for storage cannot be created. (APM-222852)
  • Enhanced iFrames support to ensure that all RUM actions are correctly displayed. (APM-223292)
  • Critical issue: Problem alerting now correctly evaluates management zone filter in alerting profiles. (APM-228012)
  • Fixed problem in Azure service bus - active message metric was duplicated and its value displayed as dead lettered messages. (APM-222694)
  • VisitorID can be left empty on some hybrid visits. (APM-220198)
  • Improved parsing of incorrect USQL queries. (APM-223982)
  • Log files that are centrally stored will now always have an active link if host log access is enabled. (APM-222871)
  • Dashboard API export calls no longer remove the specific entity filter (for example, filter by a specific host or application). (APM-228521)
  • Critical issue: ProblemManager now works correctly. (APM-229625)
  • Corrected units in AWS Supporting Services configuration metrics table. (APM-223866)
  • User-defined colors that were lost for some custom charts after upgrade to 1.188.x are correctly displayed. (APM-228136)
  • You can now filter by tags containing the "#" character in the name on the OneAgent Deployment Status page. (APM-225073)
  • The findings in FDI Findings Ranking section of DebugUI are sorted by their actual rank. (APM-223688)
  • Dashboard API validation functions correctly when database chart tiles are imported. (APM-227979)
  • Mobile Action in user Session Details view now displays HTTP error if it is > 0. (APM-220326)
  • Fixed a problem with user action naming when using OneAgent for JavaScript captured meta data. (APM-223139)
  • Custom charts are displayed correctly when synthetic availability metrics are configured in combination with other synthetic metrics. (APM-227835)

Cluster Management Console

  • Improved sign-in to resolve issue with frequent sign-in failures that resulted from response with HTTP response code 499. (APM-224782)
  • System checks are successfully carried out before upgrades, especially on systems that failed during Mission Control connection check. (APM-230881)
  • Dynatrace Managed, Proxy settings: you no longer need to re-enter the password. (APM-224551)
  • Improved text formatting on Access denied page. (APM-217251)
  • Fixed single sign-on problem for users with permissions set only to the management zone (APM-223607)
  • Missing support for "without memberOf feature" for SUN Directory Server (APM-230570)
  • If installation of a new node failed due to the Cluster connectivity issues, this node can now be added again after issues are fixed without manual cleaning. (APM-224607)
  • ActiveGates with exactly the same communication URIs should be now visible on Deployment Status screen. With DynatraceServer in version <187; 189=""> just only one is visible. (APM-229408)

Code level analytics

  • The garbage collector-based sampling rate is now calculated correctly. (APM-230418)
  • Corrected multi threading related problem with Request Naming. (APM-223813)
  • Request naming API no longer erroneously rejects calls (stating that an existing request attribute does not exist). (APM-224657)


  • All metrics with the incorrect 'Average' aggregation are removed. Customers are advised to check and optionally reconfigure affected metrics in the S3, Kinesis Data Streams, and Kinesis Data Firehose services. (APM-223167)
  • DynamoDB instance names are now correctly processed when filtering by tags. (APM-225441)

Installer and Upgrade

  • Installer displays an error message when no firewall system service can be detected. (APM-221921)
  • Usernames and group names in Linux are correctly read as Unicode (APM-227781)

Log Monitoring

  • Max position uncompressed log size can be set using com.compuware.apm.debug.logstorage.positionMaxUncompressedLogSize debug property. Value should be expressed in bytes. Default value is 10485760B (10MB). (APM-222209)

Mission Control

  • There are no discrepancies in the reporting environment consumption. (APM-226613)
  • Consumption per environment is calculated correctly after converting to DEM consumption-based licenses. (APM-215048)


  • Single instance web waterfalls are deselected when the instance doesn't match the criteria after timeframe or filter change. (APM-221302)
  • User sessions query: Pie chart is now shown in all appropriate cases. (APM-225029)
  • Management zones are applied correctly to the source map upload permissions hint in web applications. (APM-222689)
  • Application configuration is reachable again from inside a management zone (APM-225625)
  • Display names and multiple user action properties are correctly handled for multi-dimensional analysis in web applications. (APM-221585)

Session Replay

  • On the Session Replay timeline, session end time calculation has been improved. (APM-223847)
  • During session replay, images that are missing or blocked by a proxy are replaced by a placeholder. (APM-224989)

Synthetic monitoring

  • For extension metrics, time series charts now display alarm bar only for affected dimensions. (APM-221208)

User Interface

  • When in-product chat (Intercom) is unreachable, it no longer delays Dynatrace page load. (APM-197390)
  • Combo box widget now correctly validates input if text is entered but no element is chosen. (APM-215650)
  • Access to public shared pages is no longer restricted to the supported browsers list. (APM-230002)
  • Improved placement of Search box in relation to Timeframe Selector to better accommodate small screens. (APM-224958)
  • Improved scrolling on Timeframe Selector. (APM-229277)
  • When the Dynatrace ONE chat endpoints are blocked, the UI now displays an error message when you try to use the chat. (APM-191375)
  • The Global timeframe selector tooltip is correctly displayed depending on the problem context. (APM-222442)
  • "Today" keyword is no longer displayed as "24 hours" when configured for a single dashboard tile. (APM-223263)

Update 105 (1.190.105)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.190 release.

2 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Autonomous Cloud 1
cluster 1

Autonomous Cloud

  • Fixed process group resolution for related cloud applications. (APM-230664)


  • Added the report id to the report email logging and email request processing to help identify the missing email reports. (APM-231631)

Update 108 (1.190.108)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.190 release.

2 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
cluster 1
Code level analytics 1


  • The garbage collector time history for adaptive load reduction is now reset after the sampling rate is increased. (APM-230944)

Code level analytics

  • The garbage collector-based sampling rate is now calculated correctly. (APM-230418)

Update 145 (1.190.145)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.190 release.


  • Request header "authorization" is now masked correctly (GDPR and view permissions). (APM-232498)
  • With this fix, PurePaths don’t break when tracecontext is turned on. (APM-236083)