Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.188

New features and enhancements

Resolved issues

19 total resolved issues (1 critical issue)

Component Resolved issues
Cluster Management Console 3
Installer and Upgrade 6
Cluster 2 (1 critical)
User Interface 5

Cluster Management Console

  • After failed manual upgrade, the info about update "starting now" is still visible (APM-207935)
  • Handle situation when response from IdP for OpenID Connect does not contain id_token (APM-219190)
  • Fixed single sign-on problem for users with permissions set only to the management zone (APM-223607)

Installer and Upgrade

  • If HTTPS proxy is provided by customer, we first try it as HTTP proxy and if successful save it as such (APM-204826)
  • Fixed: UID:GID used by Dynatrace system user was not properly imported from system if user existed before installation. (APM-218039)
  • Fixed: Nodekeeper could keep writing to "upgrade*.log" even if upgrade was finished. (APM-218786)
  • The reporting of Elasticsearch status during upgrade is improved (APM-218885)
  • Fixed: If default paths for Managed directories were sym-linked the installer wasn't resolving them to real paths. (APM-219483)
  • Elasticsearch Watermarks are no longer cleared during upgrade (APM-224891)


  • Fixed an issue where mobile action names with special characters prevented correct display of action details. (APM-218738)
  • Show Apdex with granularity if five categories for mobile applications. (APM-217096)
  • Corrected label for mobile key user actions in custom chart. (APM-216843)


  • Enable using date-formatting symbol "e" in USQL queries when aggregating on timestamps. (APM-219008)
  • Critical issue: During the update from Sprint 183 to Sprint 184 it was possible in rare cases that internal migration code caused an endless loop which consumed all webserver threads in the thread pool causing a server becoming unresponsive. (APM-217530)

User Interface

  • Fixed the "yesterday" value in the new Global Timeframe Selector not resolved correctly (APM-220715)
  • Fixed the calendar on new Global Timeframe Selector now reporting an error when choosing a range over 2 years (APM-220186)
  • Fixed the new GTS not showing errors properly on some screens (APM-220516)
  • Fixed specific custom timeframes wrongly resolved as "to 1970" instead of "to now" (APM-220560)
  • Fixed unnecessary loading indicator when using problem context on a host dashboard (APM-221367)