Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.180

New features and enhancements

Securing SSO via SAML signing SSL certificate

At Dynatrace, security is our number one priority. Recently, there were some questions about using the SAML protocol for Single Sign-On service. It’s good practice to ensure that authentication messages come from the configured identity provider and that messages target a Dynatrace cluster rather than a malicious third-party site. To validate the identity of message originators, SAML signing certificates are used in message envelopes. These certificates must reside at both the identity provider and the Dynatrace cluster at the time of configuration. Further, all data is encrypted during these communications.

By default, a self-signed certificate is used temporarily during initial installation. The SAML specification does not specify the content of a signing certificate or its meaning to a relying party. The certificate's validity period, extensions, revocation status, and other content are enforced, if at all, only at the discretion of the relying party. For details, see how to update SAML Signing Certificate via new REST API endpoints.

SAML signing SSL certificate REST API endpoints

Lower requirements for backup of cluster configurations

Backup of large web-scale deployments that gather terabytes of data requires the commitment of many resources: time, CPU, bandwidth, disk storage, and related costs. In many cases, such complex configurations are the key to success and it's worth backing these configurations up to achieve the shortest Recovery Time Objective (RTO) following a cluster failure. Also, basic and transient monitoring that focus on monitoring data captured during the last couple of days don't necessarily require more than just a configuration backup. To set up backup so that only configuration-related data is captured, disable two switchers that store metric data and user sessions. See the screenshot below:

Backup configuration

Other changes

  • Monitoring of multiple AWS environments (credentials) is now automatically spread across all ActiveGates configured for AWS.
  • The timezone is now displayed next to the hour setting for backup configurations to precisely determine when backups are to occur.
  • We now support up to 18 nodes per cluster to further extend linear scale for web-scale deployments of Dynatrace.

Resolved issues

36 total resolved issues (1 critical issue)

Cluster Management Console

  • Invalid stored SAML configuration caused problem with cluster health check leading to problems with proactive cluster monitoring. (APM-197776)
  • Server will create directory for updates if it's missing. (APM-202000)
  • Cluster Management Console was reporting a wring HostUnit value if the cluster contained blocked environments. This was only a UI display problem, the correct value was billed. Internally a blocked environment is now handled as one with 0 Host Units. (APM-199355)

Mission Control

  • Cluster version is now correctly checked during upgrade - necessary for enabling/disabling Log Monitoring free tier. (APM-202729)
  • URLs in notification emails may be incorrect due wrong email encoding. (APM-201279)
  • Critical issue: Mission Control intermittent unavailability (APM-203388)
  • RSS feed may not work for clusters with configured custom proxy (APM-204556)

Installer and Upgrade

  • Fixed: installer was recognizing "sesudo" command as "sudo" and was trying to configure it automatically (APM-198429)

Code level analytics

  • Request attribute query parameter capturing could also capture values if the desired parameter was a substring of an existing query parameter. (APM-198266)
  • Request attribute host group selection shows too old, possibly deleted, host groups (APM-200755)
  • Service method naming preview does not work for RMI services. (APM-201042)
  • Method hotspots: use better distinguishable colors for built-in APIs. (APM-199827)
  • PurePath view: "Rows returned per execution" and "Fetches per execution" showed wrong numbers when aggregated. (APM-201136)
  • Method hotspots: contribution could show more than 100% in some cases. (APM-201167)


  • Fixed link to symbol file management screen in mobile crash details. (APM-196833)
  • Fixed download of symbolicated stacktrace in user sessions details. (APM-197945)
  • Internal tenantID was exposed in JS agent complete tag. (APM-200528)
  • HTTP Errors written for inactive applications. (APM-202357)
  • Fixed timeout issue with perform waterfall analysis button after navigating back from waterfall to user sessions details. (APM-200907)


  • Agent deployments status - improvement to show global host unit usage for cases when only part of environment is presented. (APM-197463)
  • Fixed an error that caused gaps in charts for SQL queries with execution time longer 5 minutes. (APM-196068)
  • Fixed an error that was preventing downloading execution plan when using Firefox browser. (APM-198734)
  • The value of "Dynatrace Web UI URL" that can be configured in CMC at Settings > Public Endpoints is now used by API Explorer (e.g. for trying out requests via the API Explorer) (APM-195628)
  • Allow users who may only access management-zones to use the API Explorer. (APM-197561)
  • VMware screens - for customers monitoring more than one credentials a cluster that have been moved between credentials might have been still displayed on a screen of old ones. (APM-200476)
  • Fix on docker screen - For some specific configuration of web server and names of images containing slash caracters, clicking on images might have caused errors. (APM-200674)
  • Summary settings of agent autoupdate had a problem on huge environments. Now it will always load, but in some cases only limited data may be displayed. (APM-200785)
  • Notification about ActiveGate was leading to wrong page in settings. (APM-200821)
  • For demo user linux installation page displayed wrong/misleading information. (APM-201265)
  • Wrong message might have been displayed on ActiveGate deployment status. (APM-201277)
  • Ui didn't display any message for unregistered agent. Host was just displayed as unmonitored. (APM-202403)
  • The USQL query editor does not provide autocomplete suggestions for nested functions in DATETIME. (APM-201162)
  • Browser monitor tile names will again be visible in the tile's title. (APM-201245)

User Interface

  • ComboBox doesn't suggest items when pasting a value (APM-197474)
  • Error page when leaving Dynatrace UI tab open overnight (APM-198395)
  • Analyze Availability button missing on the synthetic monitor page (APM-202040)