Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.170

New features and enhancements

Cluster events audit logging

From a compliance perspective, audit traces are an absolute necessity. There are many legal concerns that must be adhered to, and audit logs serve as an official record that can be provided when an auditor asks for proof of compliance. Security is another area in which audit logs can be invaluable. Audit logs are stored at the cluster nodes where system changes are executed. To see the complete picture of all changes that have occurred across all nodes, you need to process audit logs from all nodes. Audit logs are available on individual nodes at DATASTORE_PATH/log/server.

Cluster event audit logs are available as of Dynatrace Managed version 1.170. See audit log example below:


2019-05-29 09:29:42 UTC {"eventType":"CREATE","tenantId":"unknown","userId":"Cluster event service","userIdType":"SERVICE_NAME","userOrigination":"Cluster event (Internal)","sessionId":null,"identity":null,"identityCategory":"CLUSTER_EVENT","success":true,"timestamp":1559122182775,"message":"{\"clusterEvent\":{\"clusterEventType\":\"SERVER_LIFECYCLE\",\"timestamp\":1559122182775,\"summary\":\"Server 1 shutdown initiated.\",\"description\":\"ShutdownDescriptor [exitCode=0, caller=com.compuware.apm.server.core.ServerShutdownRunner, reason=Shutdown due to VM shutdown hook., restart=false, expected=true]\",\"userId\":\"com.compuware.apm.server.core.ServerShutdownRunner\",\"notification\":\"NONE\",\"clusterEventSeverity\":\"INFO\"}}"}

Additional audit log files will be made available in upcoming releases. Audit logs open up a whole new set of use cases for custom notifications using log monitoring tools. We’ll describe some of these use cases in an upcoming blog post.

Dynamic JVM memory settings update

Previously, to apply a RAM update on a cluster node host, you were required to perform an "in-place" upgrade or wait until the next scheduled upgrade. Starting with version 1.170, hardware updates are applied automatically when services are restarted. With this change, Dynatrace Managed deployment is now more resilient and more quickly adapts to your needs. To restart all services, run the following:

/PRODUCT_PATH/launcher/dynatrace.sh restart

Minimum free disk space requirements were updated

To better address real-world scenarios, we've increased the required free space for new installations to the following:

  • Binaries
  • PRODUCT_PATH (/opt/dynatrace-managed): 6 GB (was 4 GB)
  • Logs
  • LOG_PATH (/var/opt/dynatrace-managed/log): 2 GB (was 1 GB)
  • OneAgent updates
  • AGENT_BUILD_UNITS_PATH (/var/opt/dynatrace-managed/agents): 20 GB (was 3 GB)
  • Data directory
  • DATASTORE_PATH (/var/opt/dynatrace-managed): 24 GB (was 3 GB)

There are also now separate values for new installations and upgrades. The previous, lower values are still used during upgrades for backward compatibility. The new, higher values are applied for fresh installations. Before each upgrade, we perform sanity checks for Cassandra, Elasticsearch, and transaction datastores to ensure that they have at least 1 GB of free space available.

Other improvements

  • Invitation emails now include a list of all purchased license items. Limits and overage details are included for each monitoring-unit type.
  • License update emails are sent in place of invitation emails when license settings are changed.
  • The Cluster Nodes Configuration REST API has been extended to expose operation status under the /status endpoint.
  • The Cluster Nodes Configuration REST API is now included as a cluster node resource on individual nodes. An agent field is provided for enabling/disabling OneAgent traffic on individual nodes.
  • To improve usability for complex configurations, the Environments table on user group details pages has been extended to display 100 rows.
  • Cluster events are now generated for remote access events. The reason for the access and other details are displayed for auditing purposes.

Additionally, all new features introduced with Dynatrace SaaS version 1.169 and version 1.170 are now also supported by Dynatrace Managed.

Resolved issues

Critical issues

Installer and Upgrade

  • After upgrade Cassandra service cannot be started (APM-174838)
    Impact: Cassandra service cannot be started
    Cause: Permissions denied during replay of CommitLog files
    Solution: During upgrade it is needed to take ownership of any file not belonging to dynatrace user in binaries/data dirs
  • One of the node could not be upgraded due to permission denied error (APM-178273)
    Impact: Upgrade failed.
    Cause: Filesystem and network services long reponse times
    Solution: Nodekeeper upgrade failure should be reported as an error instead of a warning, systemd dependencies fixed


  • Recently created environments rarely experience configuration data loss on first cluster upgrade after creation. (APM-176193)
    Impact: Configuration data loss for in recently created environments
    Cause: Initial migration information for new environments not set correctly, causing configuration migration steps to be run unnecessarily
    Solution: Correctly set migration inforrmation for new environments, update data for environments created with versions < 169
  • Recently created environments rarely experience configuration data loss on first cluster upgrade after creation. (APM-176193)

Other issues

Installer and Upgrade

  • When remote NFS volume is used for our binaries it can happen that some files are locked by NFS server because the server thinks that they are still used by our processes (APM-164171)
  • Restore from backup - permission issues with custom datastore location and server file permissions. Fixed owner username and path to Cassandra datastore directory (APM-174165)
  • Multiple errors due to systemd logged in the install log but upgrade was successful (APM-174639)
  • SELinux issues with starting Cassandra at Cluster node (APM-176370)

Cluster Management Console

  • OpenLDAP without memberOf support matched users only by usernames, but should also match by user DN (APM-173604)
  • Test e-mail send status was not displayed (APM-173699)
  • Conversion from trial environment to a standard one did not work (APM-173963)
  • Enabling automatic update also enables automatic download of updates from Mission Control (APM-174071)
  • Admin permission is not granted to a group when group is created or updated via REST API (APM-174583)
  • DEM disabled for Environment even though usage limit not met (APM-174953)
  • SAML integration created duplicate email address for different user (APM-174984)
  • Cloud-infrastracture monitoring mode is disabled when license's host units are 0 but overage is enabled (APM-175032)
  • Manual trigger of cluster upgrade leads to Technical Difficulties Page, but upgrade is triggered (APM-175607)
  • Country codes are not set for new environments until a license gets updated (APM-175746)
  • Created a new environment on a cluster but it has been changed to expired trial (APM-176254)
  • Table row for synthetic monitors should be hidden only if synthetic is not licensed at all (APM-178684)


  • User sessions query table is not duplicated anymore when the tile is updated. (APM-174914)
  • User tag rule settings UI - move up/down functionality fixed (APM-173235)
  • OS family filter is applied to geographic regions in mobile app overview. (APM-174620)
  • Calculation of request time in mobile provider breakdown was improved. (APM-176736)
  • Improved geolocation handling in custom charts for mobile apps. (APM-176684)
  • Fixed mobile app configs containing web server beacon endpoints. (APM-176847)

Session Replay

  • session replay duration calculation considers start time of binary beacons rather than end time. Replay duration shown during session replay could be shorter. (APM-174559)
  • Ignore oldest supported agent version needed by cluster to be able to enable Session Replay (APM-173487)
  • Chrome autocompletes input elements on replay (APM-171757)
  • Pop-up overlay remains open when navigating out of the session replay page (APM-171143)
  • Pop-up overlay doesn't disappear when "Next event" button is disabled (APM-175033)
  • Timeline skipping is slow when a page contains huge inline or dynamic stylesheets (APM-176194)
  • Playback of SVG trees will execute their <script> nodes (APM-180404)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Sequence number exposed instead of eventId (APM-175139)
  • Wrong problem time frame (APM-163613)
  • Private synthetic locations - 1 monitor no image (APM-175671)
  • Metrics for HTTP multi request monitors should be enabled on FF (APM-176982)
  • Images for Clickpath not shown (APM-176865)

Log monitoring

  • Detection scope not populating when creating events based on log patterns (APM-174808)
  • Log viewer not working (APM-176275)


  • CPU Load not fetched and displayed for SOLARIS (APM-174405)
  • Network overview - no last values for connectivity, retransmissions and any network interface's timeseries (APM-175674)
  • Azure Sql server metrics chart doesn't work (APM-174344)
  • Azure Smartscape links don't work if there is no selected entity (APM-173083)
  • [Azure/AWS] TDP when drilling to instance (APM-173419)
  • [Demo User] Deploy Dynatrace - old link for MSI package (APM-174104)
  • AWS RDS Freeable memory chart should not use SUM aggregation (APM-174411)
  • OneAgent updates screen allows to trigger update to the same version (APM-174659)
  • PG counts do not match in new technology overview in table and in tile (APM-175084)
  • [Demo.dev] Sometimes performance is low when drilling down to entities (APM-175087)
  • New technology overview: TDP when CF foundation filter applied (APM-175569)
  • Tag Filters not saving the Alerting Profiles (APM-173661)
  • dt managed server re-writes config.properties on initial startup, duplicating some entries (APM-171243)
  • swaggerUI try-out requests are sent with api-token in URL (APM-173006)
  • Self-monitoring agent was not connected to target tenant after managed cluster upgrade (APM-174158)
  • AG updates are triggered multiple times on all servers across cluster (APM-174352)
  • Network overview - no last values for connectivity, retransmissions and any network interface's timeseries (APM-175674)
  • Technology overview: data is missing sometimes ([UIA] UI Test: "verifyTechnologyOverview" - failed) (APM-175490)
  • New technology overview: TDP when CF foundation filter applied (APM-175569)
  • Table style broken after navigating to PG screen (APM-176073)
  • Technology Overview - It's not clear if technology name should be uppercase or camelcase (UI Test: "verifyCustomActiveGatePluginOnMonitoredTechnologies" - failed) (APM-176470)
  • Unlikely argument warning in AgentManager (APM-176282)
  • Technology overview - Process group record is expandalble only by clicking on icon despite the fact that the pointer suggests that action for whole record (APM-176367)
  • Missing of the Disk space usage data intermittently for host monitoring (APM-176745)
  • Technologies Overview page is empty (APM-177491)
  • [Technologies] TDP after expanding a process (Cannot read property 'Rfc' of undefined) (APM-177697)
  • [Technology] No processes listed after drilling down from CF dashboard (APM-178026)
  • Tag added to Maintenance Window expects value, though value was removed (APM-174987)
  • Problem seems to changed the problemid over time (APM-175336)
  • Missing REST token scopes from tenant "create token" endpoint (APM-175934)
  • Token scope "RestRequestForwarding" can't be mapped using API endpoint (APM-176313)
  • Get rid of unnecessary internal VersionFormatExceptions - improve object churn and reduce overhead (APM-176562)

Autonomous Cloud

  • Tooltip is scaled weirdly on left part of graphs (APM-173526)
  • Improve URL sanitization for Cloud Foundry (APM-175996)

User Interface

  • Dropdown is covered by the menu bar on low height screens (APM-159141)
  • After doing a setup change, notification content does not show up (APM-173637)
  • Intercom chat is not positioned correctly (APM-176122)
  • Intercom chat is not positioned correctly (APM-176122)

Code level analytics

  • Fixed request attribute method data source get, since not all instrumented methods were contained. (APM-175608)
  • Fixed request attribute REST API get for method rules, filenames were sometimes set to empty string, which subsequently caused validation error upon POST and or PUT. (APM-176284)
  • Fixed condition matching, conditions always used masked values for matching of conditions, whether global masking was enabled or not. (APM-177027)
  • Transaction Storage: React faster to license changes (APM-178229)
  • Show exact values on the service dashboard tile in case of very low load (instead of 0) (APM-177146)
  • Allow source code download based on management zone permissions (falsely required tenant-wide permissions) (APM-178236)

User Assistance

  • Cannot enable user in alerting profile (APM-175861)


85 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Installer and Upgrade 6
Cluster Management Console 12
Session Replay 7
Synthetic monitoring 5
Log monitoring 2
Cluster 34
Autonomous Cloud 2
User Interface 4
Code level analytics 6
User Assistance 1