Dynatrace Cloud Automation release notes version 232.1.0

Rollout date: November 15, 2021

Dynatrace Cloud Automation version 232.1.0 is based on:

New features and enhancements

Keptn 0.10.0

  • Create and delete services via bridge (4389, 4500)
  • Improved secret handling with predefined scopes (5257, 5269)

Dynatrace Service 0.18.0

  • Fail fast by avoiding fallbacks if dashboard is not found (433)
  • Improved error handling and reporting (533, 553)
  • Improved dashboard tile processing (564, 566)

Good to know

  • Cloud Automation 232.1.0 will not include the Webhook service (4736). This feature will be included in an upcoming Cloud Automation release.
  • Removal of fallback can impact valuable configurations. Please consider breaking changes.
  • Existing secrets used by Dynatrace have already been migrated with the required scopes.