ActiveGate release notes version 1.225

With this release, the oldest supported ActiveGate versions are:

How long are versions supported following rollout?

Operating systems support

  • Added support for Oracle Linux 7.9+ (x86)

Chromium support for private Synthetic monitors

Chromium 92 is now the latest supported version for Synthetic-enabled ActiveGates installed on Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, Red Hat, and CentOS 7 and 8, and bundled with the Windows ActiveGate installer. For more information, see Requirements for private synthetic locations.

SHA-2 signed installers on Windows 2008 R2

Starting with ActiveGate version 1.225, the installer is signed using the SHA-2 algorithm. Consequently, Windows 2008 R2 hosts are required to have SHA-2 code signing support installed. If you use Windows Update, the updates were offered to you automatically (KB4474419 and KB4490628). If, however, your Windows 2008 R2 system doesn't support verifying SHA-2 signed installers, ActiveGate update and installation won't work if Applocker is configured to block unknown publishers and/or security warnings may be displayed. For more information, see the Microsoft 2019 SHA-2 Code Signing Support requirement for Windows and WSUS announcement.

Resolved issues

General availability (Build 1.225.113)

35 total resolved issues (1 critical issue, 1 vulnerability)

Component Resolved issues
ActiveGate 4 (1 vulnerability)
Cluster 25 (1 critical)
Dynatrace Managed 1
Log Monitoring 1
User Interface 3


  • Oracle DB Insights: Improved way of processing most time-consuming statements for queries with 'group by' clause. (APM-317545)
  • Vulnerability: Apache Commons Compress library has been updated in response to CVE-2021-35516, CVE-2021-35517, CVE-2021-35515, and CVE-2021-36090. (APM-314308)
  • Resolved corner-case issue with dtCookie processing on the beacon forwarder. (APM-320001)
  • AG SElinux module is always installed (regardless of installation directories). (APM-322392)


  • Resolved issue in which, when a cluster node hit memory hard cleanup and stopped processing incoming user sessions data, it failed to start processing incoming user sessions data again when the cluster node returned to normal memory conditions. (APM-322680)
  • Data explorer now uses the correct name dimension keys for the :names operator in metric selectors when custom generic entity types are used. (APM-309971)
  • Web service name simplified to no longer contain host or process group information. (APM-315412)
  • Improved database service detection where no port is detected: if the candidate process group suggested by the topology has the technology of the database, it is associated with the database call; otherwise, it is associated only with the host. (APM-314790)
  • URLs that are used only as additional information for Synthetic actions are no longer shortened. (APM-314301)
  • Fixed an issue where calculated service metrics would randomly lose data. (APM-316585)
  • Fixed an issue with read masking for pages. (APM-307851)
  • Fixed an issue with browser monitor breadcrumbs. (APM-313343)
  • Fixed migration to `Data explorer` for custom charts containing legacy plugin metrics. (APM-316472)
  • Fixed issue with long request time for `Host settings` > `Detected processes`. (APM-315254)
  • Fixed issue with access permission to Kubernetes entity page for some users with management zone permissions only. (APM-322118)
  • Fixed an issue in which, in certain circumstances, the number of ingestible events was reduced. (APM-322923)
  • When migrating a custom chart with two tag filters applied to the `Data explorer`, the tags are now correctly applied with an AND combination instead of an OR. The migrated chart is opened in Code mode in the `Data explorer`, not the standard Build mode, as the Build mode does not support AND filter values. (APM-318454)
  • On "User sessions" page, when a category from the side panel is applied, the "Return to sessions" link now correctly preserves global timeframe and filters. (APM-312363)
  • Fixed issue with missing timings for Synthetic user actions. (APM-313751)
  • Resolved an issue in which, for some schemaless metrics sent via MINT API, data was lost. Affected: MINT metrics where the metric key was modified by Dynatrace on the cluster, including (1) count metrics where the metric key doesn't end with count, and (2) gauge metrics where the metric key does end with count. (APM-321104)
  • Critical issue: To avoid high Cassandra Database loads, REST API calls are no longer audited. (APM-321322)
  • Resolved issue in which HTTP monitors using credentials did not receive a credential update when they were running on public locations, so that they used the old value for public location executions unless the monitors were updated specifically. (APM-320713)
  • Dashboards filtered by `Deployment type` now correctly apply the filter. (APM-317158)
  • Fixed an availability alerting bug related to evaluation of the host group and host settings when "Use global anomaly detection settings" was selected after editing host or host group settings. (APM-315121)
  • Fixed issue in which, when the geolocation of a private location was reconfigured in the settings, the private location was subsequently not taken into account for anomaly detection for browser monitors. (APM-321860)
  • When using the `/api/config/v1/extensions` and `/api/config/v1/plugins` endpoints to post a configuration for a remote plugin, you now need to provide the ID of an ActiveGate extension module that is online on the tenant. Use `https://{your-environment-id}` to get the IDs of all ActiveGate extension modules. Configuration for a non-existent remote plugin is rejected. (APM-310674)
  • Filtering by timestamp field in log viewer v2 no longer causes error. (APM-309687)
  • Added information on the self-enablement page about OneAgent release 1.217 requirement for Log Monitoring v2. (APM-319208)
  • Added support for `UserAction` and `Session` properties of type LONG_STRING to Configuration API. (APM-315513)

Dynatrace Managed

  • Resolved issue that caused infinite dashboard page loading in certain circumstances when redirected from SSO sign-in for Managed clusters. (APM-316656)

Log Monitoring

  • Custom and undefined attribute keys are no longer case sensitive. (APM-320182)


  • Dashboard filters such as Kubernetes cluster, Kubernetes namespace, and Kubernetes workload are now properly applied to `Data explorer` tiles with built-in metrics. (APM-319031)

User Interface

  • Added `Location` link to header of user details page. (APM-316552)
  • Session list filters are no longer lost when changing filters on "Session details" page. (APM-313278)
  • Resolved issue with attaching images to Intercom in-product chat. (APM-321268)