ActiveGate release notes version 1.217

With this release, the oldest supported ActiveGate versions are:

How long are versions supported following rollout?

PaaS token during ActiveGate installation

Dynatrace tokens are displayed only once upon creation. Dynatrace stores them encrypted and you can't reveal them after creation.

To enhance token security, we modified the ActiveGate download dialog. You now have to provide the PaaS token in the dedicated field or create a new token on spot. The token is automatically appended to the provided download and installation commands. For more information, see the ActivaGate installation documentation for Linux or Windows.

AWS monitoring

Starting with ActiveGate version 1.217, AWS monitoring is enabled by default. For configuration details, see Customize ActiveGate properties.

Resolved issues

3 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
ActiveGate 2
Synthetic 1


  • Fixed Windows AG AutoUpdater potential error which could have caused the update process to fail. (APM-296695)
  • Fixed issue in which executing REST requests (PUT and POST) on Environment ActiveGates failed with a 3xx HTTP response. (APM-294829)


  • Since version 211 of Synthetic module, change of proxy parameters requires manual restart of VUC service. With this fix VUC restart will happen automatically after detecting change in proxy-related properties. (APM-298239)