ActiveGate release notes version 1.187

10 March, 2020

ActiveGate support changes

Due to the introduction of 64-bit host IDs, Dynatrace version 1.188 is the last version that accepts ActiveGate versions earlier than 1.154.

With Dynatrace version 1.188, ActiveGate versions earlier than 1.154 are no longer be supported.

Your action required

If you have ActiveGates older than version 1.154, update them at your earliest convenience.

Support changes

Known issues

Resolved issues

3 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
ActiveGate 2
Infrastructure 1


  • Local user is properly created on sysV machines. (APM-218964)
  • Fixed returning from "failover" mode. If ActiveGate, during start, went for a short period of time into the failover mode, in some circumstances, returning from the failover mode ended in state "waiting for configuration" instead of "running" although all modules on the ActiveGate were working correctly, except of the REST API returning ActiveGate state. (APM-216487)


  • DocumentDB AWS instances CloudWatch metrics are being collected correctly now. (APM-215203)