ActiveGate release notes version 1.185

Known issues

Resolved issues


  • Installer's PROXY parameter parsing fixed. Hostname can begin with "http". (APM-212629)
  • Improved detection of invalid configuration of ActiveGate installation directories. Any installation directory can't be a root of any other installation directory. Example of forbidden directories : INSTALL=/apps CONFIG=/apps/gateway (APM-212984)
  • DNSENTRYPOINT property defined during installation is preserved during upgrade. It is saved to file. (APM-213800)
  • Autoupdater service on Windows memory violation fixed. (APM-213856)
  • Fixed problem of invalid configuration regarding custom certificate. A custom certificate provided by user using --ca-certificate-file parameter couldn't be found by the Gateway service because of invalid configuration created by the AG installer. (APM-215725)
  • It is again possible to enable TLS v1.0 and v1.1 (APM-216290)