ActiveGate release notes version 1.181

Special announcements

Monitoring additional AWS services

We've extended our AWS monitoring with 21 new services (Aurora, API Gateway, CloudFront, Cognito, EC2 Spot Fleet , ECS, EFS, EMR, ElastiCache, ES, IoT, Kinesis Data Analytics, Kinesis Data Firehose, KDS, Kinesis Video Streams, Redshift, SES, SNS, SQS, NAT Gateway). For more information, see Monitoring additional AWS services.

Known issues

Resolved issues


  • ActiveGate plugin module properly establishes communication when AG is restarted. (APM-203336)
  • Improved Linux ActiveGate Installer messages in case when installation failures due to insufficient file permissions. (APM-200411)
  • Improved Multitenant ActiveGate upgrade. RPM module is not installed/downloaded when exists. (APM-202495)