ActiveGate release notes version 1.179

Special announcements

Environment ActiveGates can now be updated with a single click

Known issues

Resolved issues

10 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
ActiveGate 7
Agent & SG 3


  • Data gaps no longer occur after saving endpoint configuration (APM-200640)
  • Limiting the maximal number of reported devices works correctly (APM-196773)
  • Timeout during ActiveGate plugin module installation adapted. (APM-197613)
  • ActiveGate plugin module properly establishes communication when AG is restarted. (APM-203336)
  • Alleviated known issue: On Linux, in some circumstances during upgrade Cluster ActiveGate may report issue with connection to Cluster, although the upgrade is successful. (APM-198415)
  • Added set of improvements of upgrade of Windows ActiveGate with Synthetic Browser monitors (APM-203235)
  • Fixed upgrade of Cluster/Multitenant ActiveGate which unnecessary attempted to install additional Capabilities, not supported by these types of ActiveGate.. As a result upgrade took more time than required. (APM-203761)

Agent & SG

  • Fixed units of VMware memory metrics from based on power of 2 to units based on power of 2 (APM-196780)
  • Fixed uninstallation procedure on Ubuntu 14,04. (APM-196994)
  • Fixed enabling RPM on Windows during upgrade from AG older than 1.175 (APM-197521)