ActiveGate release notes version 1.177

Support changes

OneAgent version 1.179 will be the last version to support only 32-bit host IDs. By that time, all ActiveGates earlier than version 1.154 must be upgraded to newer releases in order to properly support OneAgent 64 bit IDs. Failure to do this will result in OneAgent being unable to communicate with the Dynatrace Cluster via these earlier versions of ActiveGate. Other than that, this change will be completely transparent.

Cloud Platform support


  • Now you can use up to 10 tags to limit the scope of AWS environment monitoring.

Known issues

Resolved issues

3 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Infrastructure 1
Other 2


  • Improved CloudWatch metrics collection in case of topology AWS API throttling errors (APM-194782)


  • Fixed permissions to C:\ProgramData\dynatrace\gateway\config\keystore.jks. (APM-190567)
  • Fixed support for SNI configuration: jsse.enableSNIExtension (APM-190648)