How are OneAgent for mobile SDK calls used to enrich mobile user experience data?

The Dynatrace API can be used to report additional details about the mobile user sessions in your app. The API enables you to create custom user actions, measure web requests, report errors, and tag specific users. This topic explains how to enable these capabilities for both Android and iOS apps.

The iOS API is available automatically once you add the Dynatrace CocoaPod to your project. The API can be used in Swift as well as in Objective-C.

In Android, you can use the API either with the Dynatrace Gradle plugin or the command line.

Create custom user actions

Measure web requests

Report errors

Tag specific users

Dynatrace enables you to tag each user of your mobile apps with a unique user name. This enables you to search and filter specific user sessions and analyze individual user behavior over time. The steps below explain how to manually tag an individual user via the Dynatrace API.