Dynatrace support lifecycle for Kubernetes Full-Stack Monitoring

The Kubernetes project uses standard semantic versioning with a major.minor.patch scheme and follows a release-driven lifecycle. The Kubernetes project maintains release branches for the three most recent minor releases. Approximately every three months a new minor version of Kubernetes is released, which means that each minor release is supported for approximately nine months. See Kubernetes version support policy for details.

We plan to support all new upstream Kubernetes minor versions within one month following release. These releases will be announced in the OneAgent and ActiveGate release notes.

Dynatrace offers support for Kubernetes within days of a release and follows the same support model as upstream Kubernetes.

Upstream Kubernetes version1 Upstream Kubernetes release End of support2 Minimum OneAgent release3
1.19 Aug 2020 At 1.22 release 1.199
1.20 Dec 2020 At 1.23 release 1.207
1.21 Apr 2021 At 1.24 release 1.217

All of the above-listed versions have been verified with multiple OneAgent versions.


Prior to May 2020 (pre 1.191) Dynatrace offered a three-month upgrade grace period for upstream Kubernetes distributions due to the offset between delivery schedules. As of May 2020, Dynatrace provides nearly same-day support. Thus our support model no longer requires the three-month grace period. For all OneAgent releases prior to May 2020 (earlier than OneAgent version 1.191), Dynatrace will extend support by three months to honor pre-existing OneAgent installations based on the previous support model.


Downstream exceptions for AKS, Docker Enterprise, GKE, EKS, PKS, VMware Tanzu Platform, and OCP might extend the Dynatrace support period beyond the published end of support date. Consult the downstream vendor's support page to view downstream exception dates.

OneAgent support policies are available on the release notes page. Also on this page are release notes with dates of when platform versions are no longer supported.

Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

The Microsoft AKS support policy covers four minor versions of Kubernetes. The list of currently supported versions can be obtained using az aks get-versions --location eastus

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

The Google GKE support policy covers at least two, if not three, minor versions that are available at any given time. The list of currently available GKE cluster versions can be obtained using gcloud container get-server-config --zone europe-west2-a. Note that Dynatrace covers the versions listed under validMasterVersions.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

The AWS EKS support policy covers at least three production-ready versions of Kubernetes at any given time, with a fourth version in deprecation.