CICS backtrace and PurePath

The following figure shows a CICS Service-Level Backtrace that was started by an MQ call. The message was initially put into the queue by a Java application, so the CICS PurePath has been linked to the Java PurePath by MQ tagging. You can see all the way back to the Mobil App.

CICS Service-level backtrace

In the row of the top service, click the context drill-down menu and select PurePaths. You will see the CICS PurePath requests. Click on one of these and you will see View PurePath. Click that and you will see the PurePath with the timings. If you hover over any line you see the timings for that process.

Easytravel PurePath

If you click on the top name on the left PurePath screen you will get a more detailed view with tabs. It defaults to the Summary tab.

The following image show the details displayed when you are in the Summary. You can see all the Metadata including the Transactio ID, Job Name, System ID, Task ID Unit of Work ID and more.

Easytravel PurePath - summary

If you click Code Level this will show you the details of the calls made. You can click on any of these to see the metadata of each call.

Easytravel PurePath - popup


Transaction tracing started in another CICS region as a result of a CICS START TRANSACTION or DPL LINK request depends on the association data that accompanies these transactions when they flow over IPIC connections. This association data is also provided for transactions started over MRO connections for CTS version 4.2 and later. VTAM ISC connections do not support association data and transactions flowing over ISC are not traced.

Example Transaction Flows

The following screenshots show the transaction flow from a web application through MQ to CICS with DB2 calls.