How to pass a proxy address during OneAgent installation on Linux

The OneAgent installer recognizes the PROXY parameter. The value of this parameter is the proxy server address. Add the port number following a colon, for example For an authenticating proxy you can specify username and password like this username:password@ where both username and password need to be URL encoded. We also support IPv6 addresses.

Parameter names are case sensitive, so use ALL CAPS for parameter names.

Passing a proxy address to the installer

Let's say you're running an openSUSE server, you've downloaded your Dynatrace OneAgent installer to the /tmp directory and your proxy IP address is In such a scenario you would begin the installation like this:

cd /tmp
chmod +x
su -c ' PROXY='

Auto-detect proxy settings

To enable detection of global proxy settings during installation, type auto as the PROXY parameter value. On a Linux server for example, you would type:

su -c ' PROXY=auto'