Dynatrace support lifecycle for Red Hat OpenShift Full-Stack Monitoring

Red Hat maintains three different support models for OpenShift Container Platform. Some OpenShift Container Platform releases are aligned with with calendar dates. Others follow a phased life cycle where at least 3 minor versions are supported at any point in time. Red Hat aims to forecast future releases with a three-month cadence. See Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform lifecycle policy for details.

Dynatrace follows the same support model as Red Hat to provide consistent upgrade cadence. OneAgent support for OCP may trail behind Red Hat releases to allow for adequate testing.

OpenShift Container Platform support

OCP version1 OCP release End of maintenance support
3.11 Oct 2018 Jun 2022
4.5 Jul 2020 At 4.8 release
4.6 Oct 2020 At 4.9 release
4.7 Feb 2021 At 4.10 release
4.8 Jul 2021 At 4.11 release
4.9 Oct 2021 At 4.12 release

All of the above-listed versions have been verified with multiple OneAgent versions.