Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus

Early Adopter

Learn how to extract metrics from Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus (AMP) using the AMP ActiveGate extension.


  • Environment ActiveGate with access to the AMP Endpoint - query URL

  • A Dynatrace API token with the permissions Ingest metrics and Write settings

  • An AWS Access key + Secret access key with permissions for the actions aps:QueryMetrics, aps:DescribeWorkspace and aps:GetMetricMetadata

Extension installation

To install the AMP extension

  1. In the Software Intelligence Hub, find and select Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus.

  2. Select Download to get the extension ZIP file. Don't rename the file.

  3. Unzip the ZIP file to the plugin_deployment directory of your ActiveGate host. If the resulting directory structure isn't


    where <EXTENSION-SPECIFIC-DIRECTORY> is the name of the directory containing the files for this extension, make the necessary changes.

  4. In Dynatrace, go to Settings > Monitoring > Monitored technologies.

  5. Select Add new technology monitoring and then Add ActiveGate extension.

  6. Select Upload extension and upload the ZIP file.

  7. After you upload the extension, go to Settings > Monitoring > Monitored technologies and switch to the Custom extensions tab.

  8. Find the extension and select it to open it for Endpoint configuration.

  9. Enter the endpoint information.

    Setting Details

    Endpoint name

    Enter a meaningful endpoint name.

    Dynatrace Tenant URL

    Complete URL of the environment/tenant.

    • Managed: https://{your-domain}/e/{your-environment-id}
    • SaaS: https://{your-environment-id}

    Dynatrace API Token

    Access token used to authenticate the calls to the Dynatrace environment. Required API v2 permissions: Ingest metrics and Write settings.

    AWS Access Key

    Permission for the following actions: aps:QueryMetrics, aps:DescribeWorkspace and aps:GetMetricMetadata.

    AWS Secret Access Key

    The secret access key that corresponds with the access key.

    AWS Region

    The AWS region where the AMP is located. For example: us-east-1.

    AWS Managed Prometheus Workspace ID

    The AMP workspace ID. This can be found on the workspace detail page.

    Metrics to ingest

    To ingest several metrics, enter one metric per line. PromQL can be used for complex queries. Start a line with [metric name]# to provide a metric name if one cannot be allocated automatically, such as with complex queries. Example input:

    shifted_localhost_memstat_lookups#sum(go_memstats_lookups_total{instance="localhost:8000"} offset 5m)


The extension sends the AMP metrics through the Dynatrace Metrics API v2 ingest channel. Use the Data explorer to access the collected metrics. The metrics start with the aws.prometheus string.

Collected metrics consume Davis Data Units. For more information, see DDUs for custom metrics.