Dynatrace Extensions

Learn how Dynatrace monitors other application software technologies. These technologies are monitored by importing the technology-specific metrics into Davis, the Dynatrace AI causation engine.

Supported out of the box

Apart from the most common application software technologies, which Dynatrace supports out of the box through OneAgent code modules, Dynatrace also supports numerous other technologies through OneAgent extensions. These technologies can be monitored by Dynatrace out of the box.

Dynatrace extension required

The technologies listed below can be monitored by Dynatrace, but they require the installation of monitoring extensions that are available from Dynatrace Hub download page. When monitoring these technologies with Dynatrace, you may incur additional charges for custom metrics ingestion and analysis. Please reach out to your Dynatrace sales rep or contact Dynatrace ONE if you're interested in monitoring any of these technologies.

Monitoring consumption

DDU consumption for built-in extensions

The Dynatrace monitoring extensions listed below initially consume each monitored host's quota of included metrics. Once the included metrics quota is exhausted, DDU consumption begins. The figures in the table below represent the expected consumption per process for each technology type that an extension monitors. The Custom metrics count reflects the default set of metrics that are generated by each extension.

Technology Type Custom metrics
CoreDNS OneAgent Extension
Couchbase OneAgent Extension 48
CouchDB OneAgent Extension 22
Docker technology monitoring OneAgent Extension
Elasticsearch OneAgent Extension 129
Elasticsearch Cloud ActiveGate Extension 17
HAProxy OneAgent Extension 20
Memcached OneAgent Extension 12
MongoDB OneAgent Extension 22
MS SQL OneAgent Extension 18
MySQL OneAgent Extension 31
NTP OneAgent Extension 1
PHP-FPM OneAgent Extension 6
PostgreSQL OneAgent Extension 12
RabbitMQ OneAgent Extension 45
Redis OneAgent Extension 37
ActiveMQ JMX JMX Monitoring 15
Apache Hadoop HDFS JMX Monitoring 43
Apache Hadoop YARN JMX Monitoring 48
Apache Spark JMX Monitoring 17
Cassandra JMX JMX Monitoring 28
HornetQ JMX JMX Monitoring 5
JBoss Connection Pools JMX Monitoring 14
Jetty JMX JMX Monitoring 7
Kafka JMX JMX Monitoring 42
Solr JMX1 JMX Monitoring 24
Tomcat Connection Pools JMX Monitoring
WebLogic Connection Pools JMX Monitoring 12
WebSphere Liberty Connection Pools JMX Monitoring 5
WSO2 API Manager JMX Monitoring 27

For Solr version 7+, each Solr Core will consume additional 24 custom metrics.

DDU consumption for on-demand extensions

Metrics sent via ActiveGate extensions always consume DDUs. Metrics sent via OneAgent extensions consumes host quota first

Technology Type Monitoring consumption
Apigee Edge ActiveGate Extension DDUs
Citrix Netscaler ActiveGate Extension DDUs
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops OneAgent Extension Host quota first
F5 BIG-IP LTM ActiveGate Extension DDUs
IBM Datapower ActiveGate Extension DDUs
IBM DB2 ActiveGate Extension DDUs
IBM i ActiveGate Extension DDUs
IBM Message Queue ActiveGate Extension DDUs
Juniper Network ActiveGate Extension DDUs
Microsoft SQL ActiveGate Extension DDUs
MySQL ActiveGate Extension DDUs
SAP ABAP and GUI ActiveGate Extension DDUs
SAP HANA DB ActiveGate Extension DDUs
Tibco EMS OneAgent Extension Host quota first
Windows Server 2003 ActiveGate Extension DDUs