Monitor your Cloud Foundry clusters with Dynatrace



Connecting your Cloud Foundry clusters to Dynatrace enables

  • full access to the dedicated Cloud Foundry overview page
  • automatic detection of your Cloud Foundry organizations
  • access to other Cloud Foundry process properties, like space, space ID, application, application ID, and instance index.

Connect your clusters to Dynatrace

To connect your Cloud Foundry clusters to Dynatrace

  1. Install an ActiveGate.

  2. Create an admin account.

We recommend using a Cloud Foundry admin read-only account that can view almost all Cloud Controller API resources, but can't modify them.

uaac user add ReadOnlyUser -p SecretPassword --emails
uaac member add cloud_controller.admin_read_only ReadOnlyUser
uaac member add ReadOnlyUser
  1. Connect your Cloud Foundry foundation to Dynatrace.

In the Dynatrace web UI, go to Settings > Cloud and virtualization > Cloud Foundry.
Select Connect new foundation.
Enter your Cloud Foundry API target URL, your Authentication endpoint, your Cloud Foundry Username, and your Password.

  1. Configure ActiveGate.

For environments with proxies or self-signed certificates, as well as for ActiveGate versions 1.151 and 1.153, you need to adapt the configuration of your ActiveGate. See Customize ActiveGate properties for details about environments with proxies or self-signed certificates.

Note: After adjusting your settings, restart the ActiveGate service.