Container platforms

There are three ways to monitor containers using Dynatrace. The method you choose depends on the following:

  • The type of container runtime, such as Docker, containerd, or CRI-O
  • The orchestration platform, such as Kubernetes, OpenShift, Cloud Foundry, and Fargate
  • The level of access you have to the underlying host

See below for details.

Full stack injection

The most comprehensive option for monitoring containers with Dynatrace is to deploy OneAgent to your container platform. This assumes full access to the underlying host.

Application-only injection

Use application-only injection if you don't have access to underlying hosts. Your options depend on the container platform you are using.

Automated injection

The most efficient option is automated application-only injection for Kubernetes-based platforms. This injects OneAgent using Kubernetes-native admission controllers.

Runtime injection

Runtime injection puts OneAgent inside a container as it is deployed.

Build-time injection

All platforms also support the build-time approach, which puts OneAgent inside a container as it builds.