Prerequisites to deploy OneAgent in air-gapped Openshift environment

In order to deploy OneAgent on OpenShift in an air-gapped (sealed/offline) environment you need to download certain assets first. The following instructions are meant to help you locate and download these assets, after which you can connect to your sealed environment and upload them to a referenceable location.

Components to be retrieved online

Configure OneAgent installer script in the custom resource file

Note: This connection will also be used for metrics communication.

Define the ActiveGate from which you'll download the OneAGent installer script, as indicated below.

Parameter Description
apiUrl https://<ACTIVE_GATE_IP OR FQDN>:9999/e/<SAAS_TENANT_OR_MANAGED_ENVIRONMENT>/api Make sure to replace <ACTIVE_GATE_IP OR FQDN> with the IP or FQDN of your machine hosting the ActiveGate, and <SAAS_TENANT_OR_MANAGED_ENVIRONMENT> with your own associated SaaS or managed environment.
skipCertCheck Set by default to false; if you're using a custom certificate, this value must be set to true. If you're using a signed certificate you can leave the default value.