Deploy OneAgent on OpenShift via OperatorHub

The OperatorHub is the interface that cluster administrators use to discover and install operators and is available via the OpenShift Container Platform web console.

Prerequisites for OpenShift Dedicated

  • A dedicated-admin user for the OpenShift Dedicated cluster

Note: The dedicated-admin user must be added before the OneAgent Operator is visible in the OperatorHub UI.


To install OneAgent on OpenShift via OperatorHub

  1. On the OpenShift Container Platform dashboard, select Operators > OperatorHub from the side menu.

  2. Create a new project to deploy the Operator. This also creates an OpenShift namespace with the same name.

  3. Select Dynatrace OneAgent Operator > Install.

  4. Enter the necessary information about the Operator subscription.

  5. In Installation Mode, select A specific namespace on the cluster, and then select the namespace of the project you created.

  6. Keep the default values of the other settings and select Subscribe.

  7. Go to Operators > Installed Operators and wait until you see Install Succeeded.

  8. Go to Workloads > Secrets and create a new key named oneagent with two values:

  1. Go to Operators > Installed Operators from the side menu and select Dynatrace OneAgent Operator.

  2. Select Create instance.

  3. Replace apiURL value according to your deployment:

  1. Select Create.