Azure Functions

Azure Functions allows you to build simple applications built on a serverless architecture using functions called by various triggers (for example, HTTP requests, scheduled triggers, queues, or storage events).

With the growing popularity of serverless applications, end-to-end tracing becomes even more important due to its nature of heavily distributed workloads.

Dynatrace Azure Functions support is currently in Early Adopter release and provides only limited support for pre-compiled Azure Functions that are written in .NET, running on Windows, and operated on an "App Service Plan".


Dynatrace offers the following capabilities for Azure Functions.

  • Code-module support for .NET/.NET Core using any available trigger
  • End-to-end tracing across multiple functions and other instrumented services and applications.
  • Limited full-stack monitoring powered by OneAgent.
  • Extension for easy deployment of OneAgent
  • Enhanced support for Azure App Service metadata such as compute mode, SKU, and more.

Azure multi-function trace


Since Azure Functions are a fully managed hosting platform built on top of Azure App Services, functions/applications are deployed into a sandboxed environment that doesn't allow direct access to the underlying operating system. This results in some restrictions for OneAgent:

  • Log monitoring isn't available
  • Enhanced I/O monitoring requires Azure Monitor integration
  • Code-module support limited to .NET/.NET Core



Follow the instructions provided in the following topic to deploy OneAgent on Azure functions.

Deploy OneAgent Site Extension