Troubleshoot OneAgent deployment on Azure App Service

Find out how to solve problems that you may encounter when setting up an Azure App Service for monitoring with OneAgent.

503 Service Unavailable for Web App and Kudu

The Dynatrace site extension registers IIS modules at installation time. If registration is complete but the actual IIS module files aren't in place (or corrupt), the App Service may return a 503 Service Unavailable message. Also, the Kudu AppPool will no longer be available, which effectively means that you can no longer fix your app. If this occurs, please file a support case. Fortunately, there is a way to recover from such a situation by adding the following setting in Application Settings to effectively deactivate all site extensions:


This setting will give you access to Kudu once again. Please then re-install the site extension and set WEBSITE_PRIVATE_EXTENSIONS=1 (or remove the setting entirely). Following application restart, everything should work again, including Dynatrace monitoring.