Service Fabric

Service Fabric is a distributed systems platform for packaging, deploying, and managing applications and containers at scale. It enables developers to compose cloud applications from microservices that run at high density on a shared pool of machines.


Dynatrace offers the following capabilities for Azure Service Fabric.


To deploy OneAgent on Azure Service Fabric, follow the same procedure as for Azure Virtual Machines Scale Set.

Deploy OneAgent

Tips and tricks

To make sure that deep monitoring is enabled for your services, including code-level visibility, check the settings on monitored technologies.

Scroll through the list of process groups and make sure that service monitoring is enabled for all our services deployed to Service Fabric. Typically, the naming scheme is similar to ProjectName.ServiceName.exe.

You'll also find several services that are actually Service Fabric internal services. These include FabricDCA.exe, FabricFAS.exe, FabricUS.exe, ServiceFabricNodeBootstrapAgent.exe, and many others. You can leave service monitoring disabled for these services as deep monitoring support isn't provided for them.

After enabling deep monitoring, restart all the services you enabled for monitoring.