Update OneAgent on Azure App Service

To update OneAgent on Azure App Service, follow the instructions below.

Update OneAgent

  1. Access the Site-Extension UI through either the "Browse" link in the portal... Installed Azure Site-Extension ...or by directly browsing to the extension using https://<Your-AppService-Subdomain>.scm.azurewebsites.net/dynatrace/.

  2. If an update is available, click Update and monitor progress/status until the update is finished.

azure update

  1. Finally, you need to restart the App Service to recycle the applications worker process.

Note: To reliably restart your applcations worker process, use Stop/Start.

Update the Azure Site Extension

If there's an extension update available, an Update option will be visible in the Portals extension section. Click Update to begin the update, replacing the installed extension version with the latest.

Note: An update to the Site-Extension doesn't force an update to the OneAgent.

Update the Azure Site Extension from pre v2 versions

With introduction of the Dynatrace Site Extension v2, we introduced a major change in the extensions behavior, completely de-coupling the management of OneAgent from the extension's lifecycle events (install/update) using a UI extension.

By having UI extensions to manage OneAgent, you no longer need to update the extension to update OneAgent. See above.

When upgrading the extension from version 1.x to version 2.x, you need to be aware that the upgrade of OneAgent is either triggered automatically, if you operate your App Service with "Always On", or on the first request to the UI extension. If you don't run "Always On", you have to Restart the App Service, so that the extension process starts.

For more information, see the installation instructions Also, it's no longer required to set DT_TENANT, DT_API_TOKEN, and DT_CONNECTION_POINT through the App Settings.