Microsoft Azure Services

Dynatrace provides comprehensive support for monitoring Azure Services, and intuitive integration with Azure.

Easy OneAgent deployment using extensions

Compute services such as Virtual Machines or App Services provide extension mechanisms for easily extending service capabilities. These make the deployment of OneAgent easier than ever—whether it's done through Azure Portal, Powershell, Azure CLI, or directly through Azure Resource Manager API.

Integration with Azure Monitor

Integrating Azure Monitor adds infrastructure monitoring, which provides deep insight into service behavior, as well as precise, AI-powered answers, even in serverless application scenarios.

The integration uses Azure Monitor metrics for service insights, as well as Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to gather metadata.

Metrics for Azure services with zero configuration

In addition to providing visibility for core Azure services like virtual machines, load balancers, databases, and application services, we’re supporting a new set of Azure services, with many more to come.

These metrics are provided with the standard Dynatrace zero-configuration approach, automatic service detection, continuous data capture in context, and answers, from the Dynatrace Davis AI engine, making you ready for large-scale Azure deployments.

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