Deploy OneAgent on SAP Business Technology Platform for application-only monitoring

Applications deployed on Cloud Foundry are usually run through technology-specific buildpacks that provide framework and runtime support for applications running on the Cloud Foundry platform. For complete details, see how buildpacks work.

Note: When deployed in application-only mode, OneAgent monitors the memory, disk, CPU, and networking of processes within the container only. Host metrics aren't monitored.

The following guidelines apply to SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

Get credentials

Generate an API token and a PaaS token in your Dynatrace environment.
Make sure you have the Access problem and event feed, metrics, and topology switch enabled for the API token.

Set up SAP BTP Cloud Foundry environment

SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry Environment hosts a number of buildpacks. You can use these guidelines with the following buildpack integrations:

The SAP Java Buildpack is maintained by SAP. If you experience issues with the SAP Java Buildpack, please refer to component BC-XS-JAV and issue a ticket at SAP Support Portal. The other buildpacks listed above are maintained by the Cloud Foundry Foundation on GitHub. If you experience issues with the integration of Dynatrace into these buildpacks, please get in touch with Dynatrace ONE.

Create a user-provided service in your SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry Environment

Create a single service instance for Dynatrace with the name dynatrace as a substring. You can use the cf CLI or directly create a user-provided service with the SAP Business Technology Platform cockpit. SAP BTB Cockpit

You need to provide a valid JSON object that contains at least the environmentid and apitoken from the previous step. For Dynatrace Managed, you also need to add the apiurl parameter specifying the Dynatrace API endpoint. For example:

Dynatrace SaaS

	"environmentid": "YOUR_ENVIRONMENTID",
	"apitoken": "YOUR_API_TOKEN",
	"tag:SAP BTB": "",
	"tag:Region": "Frankfurt"

Dynatrace Managed

	"environmentid": "YOUR_ENVIRONMENTID",
	"apitoken": "YOUR_API_TOKEN",
	"tag:SAP BTB": "",
	"tag:Region": "Frankfurt",
	"apiurl": "https://<your-domain>/e/<environmentID>/api"

Bind the Dynatrace service to your application

You can bind the created Dynatrace service to your application in your manifest.yml file. If your application is already started, you need to restage it.

See the example below for pushing a Java application:

- name: spring-music
  memory: 768M
  instances: 1
  host: spring-music-somerandomstring
  path: spring-music.war
  buildpack: sap_java_buildpack
  - dynatrace-service

SAP BTB Cockpit

Monitor your SAP BTP Platform Java applications with Dynatrace

SAP provides the Dynatrace Agent Activation for SAP BTP service which allows you to connect your Java applications to your Dynatrace SaaS monitoring environment.

SAP BTB Cockpit

SAP BTB Cockpit

Have your Dynatrace environment ID and a generated PaaS token ready.

SAP BTB Cockpit

After restarting your Java applications deployed to SAP Business Technology Platform, you’ll receive the full range of application and service monitoring visibility that Dynatrace provides (for example, Smartscape and service-level insights with Service flow). If you experience issues with the setup of the Dynatrace Agent Activation service, please refer to component BC-NEO-MON-APM and issue a ticket at SAP Support Portal. If you experience issues with Dynatrace please get in touch with Dynatrace ONE