Dynatrace support model for VMware Tanzu Application Service

VMware supports N, N-1, and N-2 releases of Tanzu Application Service. You can find further details in the VMware support policy.

For each new Tanzu Application Service release, we intend to add support within a month of each VMware release. These releases will be announced in the OneAgent and ActiveGate release notes.

Dynatrace follows the VMware support model. For details, consult end of support announcements for OneAgent.

TAS version 1 TAS release End of support 2 Minimum OneAgent version 3
2.8.x (+ Windows) Apr 2020 At 2.11 release 1.191
2.9.x (+ Windows) May 2020 At 2.12 release 1.191
2.10.x (+ Windows) Aug 2020 At 2.13 release 1.203


  • 1 All of the above-listed versions have been verified with multiple OneAgent versions.

  • 2 Prior to May 2020 (pre 1.191) Dynatrace offered a three-month upgrade grace period for Cloud Foundry distributions due to the offset between delivery schedules. As of May 2020, Dynatrace has accelerated its testing cycle. Thus our support model no longer requires the three-month grace period. For all OneAgent releases prior to May 2020 (earlier than OneAgent version 1.191), Dynatrace will extend support by three months to honor pre-existing OneAgent installations based on the previous support model.

  • 3 There are two versioning schemes. The immutable OneAgent BOSH release is versioned the same as OneAgent. The immutable OneAgent BOSH release is the recommended method of deploying OneAgent. Previous versions used a lightweight approach, available on Github, and use Github's version scheme.

  • OneAgent support policies are available on the release notes page. Also included are the dates when the platform versions will no longer be supported.

There are two flavors of the Dynatrace OneAgent BOSH Release. The full BOSH OneAgent release doesn't contain the OneAgent installer. Instead, the installer is downloaded from your Dynatrace environment during the release deployment. We recommend that you use the latest release of the Dynatrace OneAgent BOSH add-on because it contains the latest improvements. However, we've also listed the minimum required BOSH Release versions per VMware Tanzu application service version above.