OneAgent BOSH Release

Dynatrace supports full-stack monitoring for Cloud Foundry (i.e., monitoring the application layer as well as the infrastructure layer) through the Dynatrace OneAgent BOSH Release, which allows you to deploy OneAgent to your Cloud Foundry cluster VMs, including Diego cells, Cloud Controller, router and others.


Full-stack monitoring enabled by the OneAgent BOSH release offers the following benefits:

  • Cloud Foundry foundation-health monitoring for facilitating platform and resource optimization
  • Monitoring insights into all Cloud Foundry components, including Gorouters, Diego cells, Auctioneers, and more
  • Health metrics for each Cloud Foundry VM, including Memory usage, CPU usage, Disk space usage, and Network IO
  • Automatic monitoring of Cloud Foundry applications, down to the code and query level, thanks to built-in auto-injection for Garden-runC Linux and Winc Windows Server containers.
  • Automatic distributed service tracing, which provides an overview of the health of your entire microservices architecture

Deployment approaches

There are two approaches in deploying the OneAgent BOSH release. Instructions for each are described in the deployment section. The differences between these approaches are described below.

The immutable OneAgent BOSH release is downloaded using the Dynatrace Environment API. This release contains complete packages, binaries and installation files in the same archive. This fully contained approach is immutable because it gives operators full control over what is deployed and when.

immutable release