Dynatrace capabilities for Cloud Foundry

Dynatrace supports full-stack monitoring for Cloud Foundry (i.e., monitoring the application layer as well as the infrastructure layer) through the Dynatrace OneAgent BOSH Release, which allows you to deploy OneAgent to your Cloud Foundry cluster VMs, including Diego cells, Cloud Controller, router, and others.

In particular, with full-stack monitoring, you can

  • get insights into the overall traffic flow of your Cloud Foundry foundation.
  • understand how Gorouters impact application responsiveness.
  • investigate utilization of Diego cells and decide if you need to spawn additional Diego cells.

If you don't have access to your Cloud Foundry infrastructure layer, Dynatrace provides the option for application-only monitoring via the buildpack approach. The supported Cloud Foundry buildpacks allow you to monitor applications running on Pivotal Web Services, IBM Cloud Foundry, as well as SAP Cloud Platform.

Further, Dynatrace allows you to connect your Cloud Foundry foundation to leverage automatic detection of additional data from the Cloud Foundry API. For example, Dynatrace automatically detects organizations related to your Cloud Foundry foundations.

Full-stack vs. application-only

In the following tables, full-stack is juxtaposed with application-only monitoring.

Cloud Foundry full-stack monitoring Cloud Foundry application-only monitoring
  • For all Cloud Foundry foundation VMs, including Diego cells, routers, and more
  • Out-of-the-box monitoring for each Cloud Foundry VM
  • Built-in auto-injection for Garden-runC and winc application containers for automated application monitoring
  • Built-in auto-injection for BOSH BPM containers for automated infrastructure monitoring
Full-stack monitoring is the preferred approach for: Application-only monitoring is the preferred approach for: