Amazon Rekognition

Dynatrace ingests metrics for multiple preselected namespaces, including Amazon Rekognition. You can view metrics for each service instance, split metrics into multiple dimensions, and create custom charts that you can pin to your dashboards.


To enable monitoring for this service, you need

Add the service to monitoring

In order to view the service metrics, you must add the service to monitoring in your Dynatrace environment.

Configure service metrics

Once you add a service, Dynatrace starts automatically collecting a suite of metrics for this particular service. These are recommended metrics.

Recommended metrics:

  • Are enabled by default
  • Can't be disabled
  • Can have recommended dimensions (enabled by default, can't be disabled)
  • Can have optional dimensions (disabled by default, can be enabled)

Apart from the recommended metrics, most services have the possibility of enabling optional metrics.

Optional metrics:

  • Can be added and configured manually

Import preset dashboards

Dynatrace provides preset AWS dashboards that you can import from GitHub to your environment's dashboard page. Once you download a preset dashboard locally, there are two ways to import it.


Available metrics

Name Description Unit Statistics Dimensions Recommended
DetectedFaceCount The number of faces detected with the IndexFaces or DetectFaces operation Count Sum Region, Operation ✔️
DetectedFaceCount Count Sum Region ✔️
DetectedLabelCount The number of labels detected with the DetectLabels operation Count Sum Region, Operation ✔️
DetectedLabelCount Count Sum Region
ResponseTime The time in milliseconds for Rekognition to compute the response Milliseconds Multi Region, Operation ✔️
ResponseTime Milliseconds Multi Region ✔️
ServerErrorCount The number of server errors. The response code range for a server error is 500-599. Count Sum Region, Operation ✔️
ServerErrorCount Count Sum Region ✔️
SuccessfulRequestCount The number of successful requests. The response code range for a successful request is 200-299. Count Sum Region, Operation ✔️
SuccessfulRequestCount Count Sum Region ✔️
ThrottledCount The number of throttled requests Count Sum Region, Operation ✔️
ThrottledCount Count Sum Region ✔️
UserErrorCount The number of user errors (such as invalid parameters, invalid image, or no permission). The response code range for a user error is 400-499. Count Sum Region, Operation ✔️
UserErrorCount Count Sum Region ✔️