Amazon CloudWatch Usage

Dynatrace ingests metrics for multiple preselected namespaces, including Amazon CloudWatch Usage. You can view graphs per service instance, with a set of dimensions, and create custom graphs that you can pin to your dashboards.

How Dynatrace displays your service metrics

Dashboard cloudwatch

Enable monitoring

To enable monitoring for Amazon CloudWatch Usage, you first need to add the service to monitoring.

Add and configure the service

Available metrics

Here is the complete list of metrics that are available for monitoring this service.
Note: Recommended metrics are default metrics that Dynatrace will automatically collect when you activate monitoring for a certain service.


The number of specified operations performed in your account.

Key Statistics Dimensions Recommended Sum Service,Class,Resource,Type ✔️


The number of the specified resources running in your account.

Key Statistics Dimensions Recommended Average Service,Class,Resource,Type ✔️