Amazon Connect

Dynatrace ingests metrics for multiple preselected namespaces, including Amazon Connect. You can view metrics for each service instance, split metrics into multiple dimensions, and create custom charts that you can pin to your dashboards.


To enable monitoring for this service, you need

Add the service to monitoring

In order to view the service metrics, you must add the service to monitoring in your Dynatrace environment.

Configure service metrics

Once you add a service, Dynatrace starts automatically collecting a suite of metrics for this particular service. These are recommended metrics.

Recommended metrics:

  • Are enabled by default
  • Can't be disabled
  • Can have recommended dimensions (enabled by default, can't be disabled)
  • Can have optional dimensions (disabled by default, can be enabled)

Apart from the recommended metrics, most services have the possibility of enabling optional metrics.

Optional metrics:

  • Can be added and configured manually

Import preset dashboards

Dynatrace provides preset AWS dashboards that you can import from GitHub to your environment's dashboard page. Once you download a preset dashboard locally, there are two ways to import it.

Available metrics

Name Description Unit Statistics Dimensions Recommended
CallBackNotDialableNumber The number of times a queued callback to a customer could not be dialed because the customer's number is in a country for which outbound calls are not allowed for the instance Count Sum InstanceId, ContactFlowName, MetricGroup
CallRecordingUploadError The number of call recordings that failed to upload to the Amazon S3 bucket configured for your instance Count Sum InstanceId, MetricGroup ✔️
CallsBreachingConcurrencyQuota The total number of voice calls that exceeded the concurrent calls quota for the instance Count Sum
CallsPerInterval The number of voice calls, both inbound and outbound, received or placed per second in the instance Count Multi InstanceId, MetricGroup ✔️
ConcurrentCalls The number of concurrent active voice calls in the instance at the time the data is displayed on the dashboard Count Multi InstanceId, MetricGroup ✔️
ConcurrentCallsPercentage The percentage of the concurrent active voice calls service quota used in the instance Percent Multi InstanceId, MetricGroup ✔️
ContactFlowErrors The number of times the error branch for a contact flow was executed Count Sum InstanceId, ContactFlowName, MetricGroup ✔️
ContactFlowFatalErrors The number of times a contact flow failed to execute due to a system error Count Sum InstanceId, ContactFlowName, MetricGroup
LongestQueueWaitTime The longest amount of time, in seconds, that a contact waited in a queue Seconds Multi InstanceId, MetricGroup, QueueName ✔️
MisconfiguredPhoneNumbers The number of calls that failed because the phone number is not associated with a contact flow Count Sum InstanceId, MetricGroup
MissedCalls The number of voice calls that were missed by agents during the refresh interval selected, such as 1 minute or 5 minutes. A missed call is one that is not answered by an agent within 20 seconds. Count Multi InstanceId, MetricGroup ✔️
PublicSigningKeyUsage The number of times a contact flow security key (public signing key) was used to encrypt customer input in a contact flow Count Sum InstanceId, SigningKeyId
QueueCapacityExceededError The number of calls that were rejected because the queue was full Count Sum InstanceId, MetricGroup, QueueName ✔️
QueueSize The number of contacts in the queue Count Multi InstanceId, MetricGroup, QueueName ✔️
ThrottledCalls The number of voice calls that were rejected because the rate of calls per second exceeded the maximum supported quota Count Sum InstanceId, MetricGroup
ToInstancePacketLossRate The ratio of packet loss for calls in the instance, reported every 10 seconds. Each data point is between 0 and 1, which represents the ratio of packets lost for the instance. None Multi Region, Instance ID, Participant, Stream Type, Type of Connection ✔️