Full-stack PHP monitoring

Beta Starting with OneAgent version 1.155, you can monitor PHP on your Windows (IIS/Apache) environments—full-stack monitoring is now available on Windows for Apache mod_php applications and PHP CGI.

To enable PHP monitoring on Windows, go to Settings > Monitoring > Monitored technologies and toggle the PHP for Windows (Beta) switch to the On position.

Running PHP on a web server

The most common ways to run PHP on a web server are:

  • mod_PHP—The default on vanilla Apache HTTP servers. PHP is run as an Apache module, meaning that a PHP request is run under the Apache process. This makes PHP perform well, but flexibility is limited by the Apache configuration, permissions, restrictions, etc.
  • PHP_FPM—FastCGI Process Manager (FPM) uses pool management to optimize performance. Every pool acts as a standalone PHP instance, enabling you to create an independent configuration per pool, which provides granular control and greater flexibility. This is the fastest-performing method to run PHP.