Custom service detection

Custom service detection allows you to define your own service-detection rules on top of the default set of detection rules, enabling you to:

  • Adding granularity when one process provides a number of different services that should be tracked as individual services
  • Extending service detection to include batch jobs


  • Before defining custom service detection for PHP, ensure that the OneAgent version is 1.133 or later.

Define custom service detection

  1. Go to Settings > Server-side service monitoring > Custom service detection.
  2. Click the PHP services tab. custom service detection
  3. Click Define PHP service, name the service, and click Define entry point manually.
  4. Assign a File name, an optional Fully qualified class name, and a Method to the service, and click Save. define a custom PHP service Each time the specified method is called within a request, the request will be associated with this defined service. Also, this newly defined service will be displayed in the Smartscape view, Service flows, its own standalone service overview page.

service flow of PHP CustomService Standalone page for PHP CustomService