Varnish Cache

System performance metrics (CPU, memory, and more) are available when using OneAgent on a server running Dynatrace OneAgent.

You also get details about network traffic, TCP requests, and connectivity, along with quality metrics like retransmissions, round-trip time, and throughput.

Varnish Cache metrics

For advanced metrics from Varnish Cache servers like

  • Cache performance
  • Backend metrics
  • Client metrics
  • Thread metrics

See the Monitor Varnish Cache Guide to learn how to integrate Varnish Cache metrics into your Dynatrace environment.

Varnish Cache configuration for Real User Monitoring

Using a caching server with Dynatrace Real User Monitoring can sometimes lead to unexpected results. A cache hit rate close to zero is the most obvious symptom of cache-related problems.

Fortunately, with a little caching-server configuration, it's usually possible to maintain a high cache hit rate while preserving Dynatrace monitoring coverage.