Deploy OneAgent on Mesos/Marathon

To monitor applications running in Mesos clusters, We recommend that you deploy OneAgent on all Mesos agent nodes by means of a Marathon application deployment. Following this, install OneAgent on the Mesos master nodes, as explained on this page.

Locate your OneAgent installer URL

The first step is to obtain the location for ONEAGENT_INSTALLER_SCRIPT_URL. This information is presented to you during OneAgent installation.


  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Deploy Dynatrace.
  2. Select Start installation, and then Linux.
  3. Determine the installer script URL and token from the UI-provided wget command:

This is the URL:
OneAgent URL

  • Replace the value of arch parameter with <arch>. Ignore the flavor=default parameter.
  • For the API-Token value, you need a PaaS token.

Your URL should look like this:<arch>


Install OneAgent

Deploy OneAgent on Mesos agent nodes.

If you're using DC/OS to manage your Mesos cluster, you can take advantage of the Dynatrace package in the DC/OS universe. The universe package will automatically deploy Dynatrace to all your Mesos agent nodes.

Deploy OneAgent on Mesos master nodes.

Marathon doesn't allow you to deploy applications to master nodes (except for nodes that are tagged as both master and agent). This is why you must manually install OneAgent on all Mesos master nodes that aren't additionally configured as Mesos agents. For this, use the default Linux installer.