Migrate to Dynatrace Operator - Kubernetes

Starting with Dynatrace version 1.215, Dynatrace Operator manages the lifecycle of several Dynatrace components such as OneAgent and Kubernetes API Monitor. Additional components will be added as new observability features become available.

For the automatic application-only deployment via the OneAgentAPM custom resource, support for migration is in development.

Before you begin

Understand and configure the DynaKube custom resource

The DynaKube custom resource (CR) replaces the OneAgent custom resource. The DynaKube CR follows the "don't repeat yourself" (DRY) principle to deploy a number of different components to your Kubernetes cluster.

The image below reflects the differences between the two CRs, what changes from the old CR to the new one (marked with green), and what stays the same in both CRs (marked with blue).

Global parameters (spec)
The following settings are global, shared by every component, and located under spec.

  • apiUrl

  • tokens1

  • skipCertCheck

  • proxy

  • trustedCAs

  • networkZone

  • customPullSecret

  • enableIstio

  1. 1

    Tokens must point to an existing secret.

Migrate from OneAgent Operator to Dynatrace Operator

After you configure the DynaKube custom resource, follow the migration instructions below.

  1. Delete OneAgent Operator.
kubectl delete -f https://github.com/Dynatrace/dynatrace-oneagent-operator/releases/latest/download/kubernetes.yaml
  1. Install Dynatrace Operator.
kubectl apply -f https://github.com/Dynatrace/dynatrace-operator/releases/latest/download/kubernetes.yaml
  1. Migrate using the DynaKube custom resource.
kubectl apply -f myMigratedDynaKubeCR.yaml -n dynatrace