Troubleshoot OneAgent deployment issues on Cloud Foundry

Find out how to troubleshoot the possible issues you might encounter when deploying OneAgent on Cloud Foundry and how to access the OneAgent log files.

OneAgent deployment issues on Cloud Foundry for application-only monitoring

The Dynatrace integration for the Node.js buildpack allows you to successfully push your application even when the download of Dynatrace OneAgent fails (for example, because of a network connection error). You can configure OneAgent error handling via the option skiperrors that you can specify in the payload of the user-provided Dynatrace Cloud Foundry service that’s bound to your application:

cf cups dynatrace-service -p "environmentid, apitoken, skiperrors"

You’re prompted automatically to provide your environment ID, API token, and either true or false for the skiperrors flag. Note that, by default, an unsuccessful download of Dynatrace OneAgent will result in a deployment error.

Log files

You can troubleshoot issues regarding OneAgent deployment on Cloud Foundry by examining the logs. Depending on your deployment strategy, these are located at the following paths: