Deploy the Dynatrace integration in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

To ingest metrics and/or logs from Google Cloud Platform, you need to deploy a container on GKE (it also works on Google Autopilot). After it's deployed, you get metrics for services defined in the configmap, preset dashboards, and predefined alerts.

DDU consumption for Log Monitoring

DDU pricing applies to cloud Log Monitoring. See DDUs for Log Monitoring for details.


Complete the following steps to finish your setup.

  1. Be sure to fulfill the prerequisites.
  2. optional For complete observability of your workloads, set up log ingestion. This requires additional configuration and a second container to forward the logs.
  3. Set up the Dynatrace GCP function in a Kubernetes container. You can use the default values or customize them according to your needs. See the complete list of parameters available for this integration.

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