How to pass a proxy address during OneAgent installation on Linux

The following rules apply if you're installing Dynatrace OneAgent or ActiveGate.

The Windows installer allows you to enter a proxy address during installation, so in the majority of cases you don't need to worry about adding extra command line parameters.

On Linux, the installer recognizes the PROXY parameter. The value of this parameter is the proxy server address. Add the port number following a colon, for example For an authenticating proxy you can specify username and password like this username:password@ where both username and password need to be URL encoded. This is not supported for ActiveGate though. For ActiveGate proxy authentication, only the format <IP>:<PORT> is supported. We also support IPv6 addresses.

Parameter names are case sensitive, so use ALL CAPS for parameter names.

Passing a proxy address to the installer

Let's say you're running an openSUSE server, you've downloaded your Dynatrace OneAgent installer to the folder /tmp and your proxy IP address is In such a scenario you would begin the installation like this:

cd /tmp
chmod +x
su -c ' PROXY='

Auto-detect proxy settings

To enable detection of global proxy settings during installation, type auto as the PROXY parameter value. On a Linux server for example, you would type:

su -c ' PROXY=auto'