Rename a network zone

To rename a network zone, create a new network zone with the new name and move all ActiveGates and OneAgents to the new zone.

Moving ActiveGates from an existing network zone means reduced capacity in that zone. To maintain full capacity at all times and ensure smooth movement, we recommend that you install new ActiveGates for the new network zone so OneAgents can start using the new ActiveGates as they are moved to the new zone.

  1. Create a new name for the network zone.
  2. Install ActiveGates for the new network zone.
    Be sure to specify the network zone installation parameter. See Customize ActiveGate installation for more information.
  3. Change the network zone for every OneAgent in the old zone via command-line interface. For instructions on cloud deployments, select the appropriate link in the expandable section.
  1. Restart your OneAgents in the following order.
    1. OS code modules
    2. Technology code modules
    3. Application-only deployments
    4. zRemote code module
  2. Uninstall the ActiveGates in the old network zone.
  3. Delete the old network zone. Use the DELETE a network zone API call.